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Chapter 57

  • Kavi’s POV [Layla’s POV]
  • "How can I trust you?"
  • A part of me was still trying to convince me that Chandran was lying. But I couldn't conceive in these years and suspicion had sprouted into my heart already.
  • Chandran extended his hand to me which means he was willing to share his memory with me. I extended my hand shakily towards his hand. My palm touched his. My vision spun as I was connected to his brain. Visions of him blaming me and the fights we had were flashed before me. He blocked me from seeing all of his memories with a little struggle as his energy were low. His mind started showing me the memories of Maayan and a young woman laughing and speaking, Maayan hugging her at different situations, The view of his head from the back which was tilted to the side while he was hugging her close – He was kissing her... I pulled my hand away as I had seen enough to cry for eternity.
  • I couldn't see Maayan's eyes or full face on any of Chandran's memory but his back had a tattoo of my symbol which no one had in this solar system. That tattoo would appear in purple colour to me while others could see it in crimson colour. And no one knows about this. His tattoo appeared in purple colour in Chandran's memories. So Chandran wasn't lying. My man had left me.
  • The silent tears were falling on the ground making dark purple roses sprout out grazing my skin. My heart was completely gone numb on knowing I failed him - the man who had showered me with love and made me felt so alive. The days we spent together would never come back. The realm of darkness would never echo his booming laughter. I could never listen to his sweet enticing voice that always says loving words to me. His rubies – the pair of his mesmerizing eyes would never see me or show affection and admiration. I won't feel the warmth of his skin or his presence near me. I lost him. The 'Forever and ever' had quickly turned into 'Never again'.
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