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Chapter 10

  • Kavi’s POV
  • I was four years back then. That morning, my mom shouted at me for the first time because I spilt a bottle of tomato sauce on the new dining table cloth. Alpha and Beta family went to an important meeting held at the neighbouring pack where all six pack’s Alpha and Beta family would have a get together to speak about common issues along with council members. The Beta family was there to maintain the calm of their Alpha as it would always be hectic to have more than one alpha at the place due to the authority and dominance of the wolf-side.
  • I want to go away from her and also I was angry on my grandparents for not rescuing me from her scoldings. I sneaked out and shifted to my pup form and ran. Within a few minutes, I found the secret route to the mountain top which was covered by creepers and eagerly ran in that direction like little Sherlock Holmes. I was surprised to not find any patrol there but anyway my anger soon came back and I chased after a rabbit for quite some time but failed miserably due to my inexperience. I was so exhausted and sad that I couldn’t do any good thing that day. I drifted off to sleep under a tree and when I woke up, I found the sun setting, my mind warned me to go back but still, I was mesmerised by nature.
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