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Chapter 32

  • Kavi’s POV
  • Now that I remember the dream, I knew that mysterious man licked me over my mark and I woke up after a few minutes and heard my mom saying I stopped bleeding. It only means he helped me from dying from bleeding. But also he said that I was his! What does that mean? How can he say that when I have a mate already? But I except tingles, I felt the same with him like my mate. Who is he?
  • What if they think I am crazy or they might conclude that it was my hallucination! But I dreamt of that place exactly on my every birthday.
  • I realised everyone was looking at me expectantly.
  • “Actually I do have one strange dream! On my every birthday, I would dream of a completely dark place with eighteen stairs...”
  • “How do you know it was exactly eighteen stairs when it was dark?”
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