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Chapter 18

  • Kavi’s POV
  • “Hey Kavi, there is one new restaurant opened in the town. And our people are telling that the place was good and the food tastes amazing. Can you accompany me to taste the dishes? And the owner is a werewolf so we could eat without any limits. What do you say?”
  • Surya asked me over the phone in an extra sweet voice with extra curiosity.
  • I could understand he was tired of asking for dates and now he stepped down to trickily ask me for dinner. But I owe him for always helping me and working like a carrier to pick up and drop me back at home. I am too lazy to use my bike and he never said no to take me out. So what is a big deal? I have control over myself. Why not? And he would be the one paying for me. I could feast some delicious chicken there. Logan bragged about how tasty was chicken fry there. That stupid has gone there with his college friends.
  • “Are you there, Kavi? Please say okay!”
  • He almost begged. I laughed internally at his desperateness.
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