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Chapter 43

  • Akhilan’s POV
  • They started discussing all the expecting dangers possible at Qywesir. My beautiful mate was too involved in the discussion. I am listening but not with full attention. I just repel the presence of that wiz. How dare he touch my mate? The only strange thing is I heard that when one's mate try to get physical contact with another male, the destined mate will feel it from the intense pain in the abdomen. But I didn't feel any pain when that stupid wiz kissed her. To the contrast, I felt aroused from the bond which made me get angry with myself. How can I possibly be aroused when my mate was with someone else? But that's the exact thing happened. It was worser than the pain.
  • I couldn't comprehend why these all were happening to us? If she was already bound to a soul, why I have to be paired to her. I am not complaining. She is the best thing happened to me in my life and I just fear she would leave me for him though she was trying to reassure me on every occasion. She didn't hate me like how it should have been but she loves me even after knowing about her beloved. And I love her more. I can't bear the thought of her heart beating for another man yet I have nothing in my hand. Hurting him would hurt her. She literally bled when I bite him. She was physically connected with him and that's why my mark had turned into a bruise.
  • I spoke to Aadhira in private once my mate was sleeping. I remember her saying that they have been looking at the birth of every soul on earth to find a trace of their Goddess in them. Being so close to Moon, they couldn't look into our life until the soul of our wolf and human comes here to get purified. All these years they have been looking for her but it seems the fate has made its decision to bring her back here by the person who was waiting for her and repulse her the most.
  • I have many doubts as to why she didn't find him sooner but on her nineteenth birthday? Why was she born in the species created by the moon? Why she was still holding on to me while she would have easily rejected me and put end to the confusion between her eternal lover? And why I have a feeling that I was not only connected to her as a mate but something more?
  • I didn't tell my mate about all these. This place makes my mind and heart calm. I know its strange. I don't feel shocked when I got to know my mate is the reincarnation of Goddess of darkness whom we taught to hate since our childhood by making us listen to the story of the creation of our species. But the moment I get to know my mate is the darkest creature mentioned in the story, I knew that story was not the exact one but a modified one.
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