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Chapter 15

  • Kavi’s POV
  • I can’t believe this is happening. I knew werewolves are so territorial and possessive over their mate but I never expected something fateful would happen like this. And I feel guilty about everything.
  • It’s been twelve days since Veena found Surya was her mate. He was undoubtedly attracted to her. But he was confusing his feelings for me and he started spending more time with me. He might have felt like betraying me on his new found attraction towards Veena. I have told him to go with her. But he didn’t listen. I told Veena several times that he is nothing more than a friend to me. But that bitch Pooja learnt the news and started feeding wrong things to her. I don’t know why Pooja hates me so much. She was already glued to my mate. I should be the one hating her for trying to steal my mate. I was somehow managing to avoid Akhilan. But he would pop out of nowhere and try to speak with me. But as usual, I would run away after giving him a good piece of mind.
  • Surya and Veena’s first date ruined as Veena spoke ill about me and Surya fought her for me. I started distancing myself but she hastily told him about the wolf history and shifted in front of him scaring the hell out of him. I heard that he fainted on the spot and his mother told me that he was getting nightmares. He was so confused about his feelings for her. And now he got afraid of her.
  • Alpha Sezhiyan spoke to him and made him sign Non-disclosure agreement also explained to him about the mate things. He avoided me a whole day but somehow he had learnt I don’t have a wolf. In pity and relief, he apologized and warmed up with me. And it was a big blow to Veena’s possessiveness as she marked him today forcefully. He was afraid and struggled to get out of her grip which leads to a big wound on his neck. I spoke to his mother that he was staying at my home for the next few days to complete some project. She was an innocent woman and agreed.
  • I was currently sitting next to the sleeping Surya. I gave him some energy and trying to heal his pain but the bite has happened when she was in her wolf form. So the damage was also huge. His one side neck and shoulder were red and swollen. It would give her pain as well. Alpha has locked her up in pack dungeon and she was bound in silver chains as she tried to kill me. I was so shocked on seeing Surya in pain that I didn’t notice her jumping at me. She took a big bite of my arm which I raised reflexively to block her aim for my head. She was behaving like an insane bitch. I pinned her and Surya’s loud shouting grabbed attention and the fellow members quickly chained her. But she scratched like a cat on my body before being pulled away.
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