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Chapter 46

  • Kavi’s POV [Layla’s POV]
  • I was back to my realm but couldn't stop thinking about the luscious man I met back at the earth. How didn't I never come across him all these years? Was this called Destiny? Whatever!
  • I decided not to go to the castle because my brain needs some time to pull myself together. I spotted the rows of trees outside my castle and I knew what to do. I can't let his little gift perish within days. But I can give life to it. I used my powers to create a pond in the middle of the empty land. I kissed the lotus and let it into the water which instantly formed roots and a few branches formed in the next few seconds. I adored them thinking about the person gave this to me with a big smile on my face.
  • I teleported to the Hallway and nodded at the guards bowing for me while making my way to the Meeting Hall. Aadhira and Kathir will report me every evening to update me with what was happening around and to take my advice and instruction for the things to be done. I will meet my second level heads every fortnight to discuss my ideas with them and solve the issues if any. And I will meet my people once a month on the throne. I will go over visit to other planets too and it will make my time flew very soon. Yet I love to spend considerable time in the earth.
  • "... you should at least tell her, Idiot. How would she know unless you tell her? I am going to tell her if you don't have guts to tell her."
  • I heard Aadhira was in some serious argument with her brother when I get close to the door. Was Kathir in love? Who is that 'she'?
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