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Chapter 49

  • Kavi’s POV [Layla’s POV]
  • I teleported back to earth where Kathir was trying to stop the coven of vampires. Their eyes had a glint of gold and their face held fury and rage. I appeared to the side of the approaching coven in my invisible form to first see what was happening.
  • I saw Kathir's back stiffening and he muttered 'She is here'. It's always puzzling to me how he could feel my presence. On the day he was into an argument with his sister, I thought he would sense me like he always does but he was so engrossed in the topic that day. I smiled and made myself visible and the coven stopped abruptly and turned towards me.
  • Kathir had guessed it right. They are infected. Their eyes were displaying the proof and their rage increased on seeing me. Their mind was blank and I had a bad feeling about it. I could feel they have something that had been cursed and their target is me.
  • Kathir and a few of my people were trying to catch a vampire to check what was wrong but they were acting as a team and not letting anyone near them; like a very well preplanned strategy. Killing them was not in our plan. Kathir would have done it by himself but we need to keep them alive and find the reason for their strange behaviour. And most importantly we need to cure them. That's why Kathir sought my help. It was a well-known rule that Vampires shouldn't interfere in Humans life. A human kingdom was very close to the place and I can't risk the order of our creator.
  • They had known that they could make me come before them if they create chaos. All of them approached me in quick strides and I knew fighting against them won't get me anywhere but I need them to come near me so I could do what I should do. I used my powers to form an invisible portal in front of me to teleport them to my realm. They approached me and the portal teleported them to my realm. I turned around to see Kathir but he wasn't there. I told my men to clear the area that coven's left their trail. I have teleported them to a specific hall because I knew teleporting for the first time would make people dizzy. Aadhira was already there and the vampires were lying on the floor unconscious.
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