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Chapter 65

  • Kavi’s POV
  • The air around us felt frozen from the presence of a powerful entity invading the place all of sudden. Every millimetre around us was supercharged with Divinity.
  • "Mother!"
  • A whisper escaped my mouth. It sounded strange to myself as I never called her like that. But my instincts made that word slip out of me.
  • Two voices of laughter filled the air making surroundings go colder. A familiar voice and more powerful voice could be felt through the laughter - the prime soul of our creator was here too along with our creator. Their voice soothed my entire unease feel in heart and mind.
  • I embraced myself and fell on my knees on the ground to show my respect for them. When I raised my head, I found Chandran too knelt on the ground.
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