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Chapter 31

  • Kavi’s POV
  • Akhilan reached here within minutes and entered the room with a blank face and stood far away from the bed. His hair was dishevelled and his eyes had bags under them and his grey eyes were surrounded my redness from his exhaustion. Vijay stood by the door and glared at Akhilan. I was getting annoyed with his behaviour. Akhilan looked at my neck and his aura turned painful which I could feel from the bond too.
  • “Vijay! Remember he is your Alpha. Give us some privacy.”
  • I demanded him in a calm but warning tone. He left with a conflicted face. I pulled the IV and gathered my strength to move near my mate. I was too weak even to raise my hand. I just slid his way and he caught me in panic and made me sit down properly. I sighed softly at his touch. I caught his shirt and linked him to sit near me. He hesitated for a second but compiled to me. I leaned my head over his chest
  • “What happened that night?”
  • I asked him with a contented sigh at his closeness. I could feel his touch was helping me to gain energy.
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