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Chapter 30

  • Kavi’s POV
  • Akhilan tried to convince Rakshana but she didn't budge. He was in the middle of us struggling to balance between us. I asked him to stay in Green ocean for the time being and I moved to Blood warriors. Luna shrini accepted me to the pack and instantly I felt the Alpha in me gaining power and dominance over the pack. As I defeated the previous Alpha on a fair fight, it was natural to gain his title. And being the heir of the pack, I didn't need the previous Alpha to step down to gain my powers. All of my friends participated there to cheer me.
  • Usually, other pack members would not be allowed in pack business but they allowed them for this once. All my powers and senses gained twice the effects after accepting the title. I received a bouquet from council members and I was invited formally there as an Alpha should pay a visit after stepping up.
  • Luna shrini didn't seem to know any of the pack business. So she decided to stay at council till the inquiry gets over as she wants to spend some time with her firstborn. She worries about her husband too but didn't mention it to me. Iniyan decided to stay back because he was afraid to be with them. I promised her to take care of him. I couldn't find what was wrong with him but something was stopping him from shifting. He never communicated with his wolf but he smells like one. It was confusing me.
  • Vijay and Nakul were helping me with the administration and I decided to meet with every pack member one-on-one to know about them personally, also to know what they wanted to improve in our pack. For some reasons, they all were calling me Alpha instead of Luna. I am not complaining but it was strange. After a week, I had that personal interaction with every pack members and it actually helped me to quickly get closer to each of the members. As my first decision, I made all the werewolf to complete their schooling and made some attractive changes to their usual schedule. Most of the females wanted me to allow them to train along with men. Males didn't demand anything specific but I asked them to interact with humans like the other packs do.
  • I started the training on the first day. They do train hard. But they are emphasizing the wolf. I suggested the head warrior, Bharathi to train their human part. He looked at me strangely but when I fought his wolf with my human form, everyone understood my point. Because if our enemy chose to attack us with wolfbane or silver laced weapons, we should be strong enough to take them down. This point brought great respect for me as no one had ever given thought to this fact. I love to train kids as they had this spirit and energy like no one.
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