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Chapter 42

  • Kavi’s POV
  • I returned to the castle with Akhilan after spending some time in his embrace. Strangely, I was very comfortable with the trees having grey barks and purple or black leaves. I love green forests but this place was also good. Before we could enter the main hallway, my mate was ripped away from me and thrown in the air. I growled out in anger but confused when I noticed it was Maayan who used his magic to throw him away.
  • Before I could question his behaviour, he swiped his wand and my mate shouted in pain. A deep pain ran across my nerves. I was feeling his pain.
  • "Don't you dare touch what's mine. That Chandran might have paired you with her. But she is my lover and if you touch her once again, I won't think twice before decapitating you."
  • Maayan shouted and punched him across his face. He wasn't noticing that hurting Akhilan would hurt me.
  • "Stop calling her your lover. She is mine!"
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