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A Mysterious She-wolf

A Mysterious She-wolf


Update: 2020-11-03

Author note

  • Hi friends,
  • First I would like to thank you for choosing my book. This is my first attempt to write a supernatural story. To tell the truth, I am extremely addicted to werewolf stories. That’s why I decided to give a try on writing a book on werewolves. I don't know whether werewolves are real or myth but if it is actually true, I would trade anything in my power to become one without any second thought. Hope you understood my craze for them.
  • And I warn you that English is not my first language and there might be few mistakes/errors in my book. I apologise for them in advance and I highly welcome your reviews of my book. Feel free to share your thoughts.
  • This story is purely my own imagination and doesn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. The source for all the pictures I am posting here is Google.
  • DISCLAIMER: Some character in my story might test your patience and you might think that they are insane. But if you read past that, you will surely realise the reason behind every behaviour of the characters. As the name denotes, the story has lots of mysteries which would be unfolded over the time. Have patience and enjoy reading!
  • All rights reserved to the author.
  • Hope you will like my story.
  • Please do support by voting and sharing.
  • Comment your opinion or doubts about my story.
  • Thanks in advance for all my readers.