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Chapter 9 Where am I?

  • Liyah's POV
  • I shut my eyes from the searing pain that cut through my head as I slowly awakened, trying to take in the unfamiliar surroundings and remember how I got here.
  • My vision was blurry, and my memory was slightly fuzzy but I could tell that I'd been unconscious for quite some time. I slowly stood to my feet, to examine the gloomy room. I felt the color drain from my face as I looked it over; dark, dirt crusted walls, and cobwebs loomed all over. And the cell-like door confirmed my suspicion that it was some kind of basement. My father had one just like this, where he used to throw offenders.
  • The headache surfaced again, forcing me back to the ground. All I could remember was getting dragged off and bundled into a car, then knocked out by a strange face when I began to protest.
  • My heart pounded as I tried to imagine how and why I got here. I scanned the room for escape routes and then I realized something; there was no window, only unevenly poked holes in the the corner of the wall. The absence of a window scared me to death, and all of a sudden I began to feel claustrophobic.
  • As I continued to scan the room, my fingers poking through spaces in the walls for any loose ends, my eyes landed on a metal tray. From where I sat I could see that it contained a small piece of bread and some meat.
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