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Chapter 14 All the same

  • Nikolai's POV
  • My frown deepened as I observed her from my bedroom window. I didn't understand any of it. She had been working consistently, no food or water, but she never hesitated, never complained even once. It angered and surprised me at the same time. Why was she so calm about everything? It made me wondered if she had a escape plan. I had tried to torture the truth out of her, but every single time she just ended up a sobbing mess, begging at my feet. That didn't seem like someone who had a plan.
  • As I watched her turn the cloth she was using to scrub the walls of the old balcony, i had never felt so confused in my entire life. She worked without ceasing, not stopping for once to catch her breath until her work was complete. I hated the fact that it she seemed to complete each task effortlessly. I wondered if she was only doing it to spite me. And it angered me thinking she wasn't going through any sort of pain. I needed to find other methods of making her suffer because I saw that she wasn't going through enough pain. Kicking my desk down in frustration, I exited my room.
  • Liyah's POV
  • If I hadn't done just as much work as I was doing right now in my father's house, I might have slumped and died by now. The work was difficult but familiar, and the fact that I was at least getting fresh air and sunlight was a bonus. By now, Elyan had seen all he needed to so he no longer showed any sign of surprise when he watched me work. On the contrary, I perceived that he was bored now. He would just sit and wait until I was done and then lead me back to the basement.
  • So I never complained. Sometimes it felt like my insides were burning from how long I'd been starving. My throat was parched as well but still I never complained. Sometimes I hoped I would just collapse and never wake up again, but I knew that was aiming too high. The chances that I would get such an easy, painless death were quite unlikely. So I gave up that wish and kept working everyday.
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