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Chapter 66 It's okay

  • Nikolai's POV
  • My chest tightened as I watched Liyah rake her fingers through her hair. From the helpless look on her face, I knew she was close to tears. We had been at it again today since early this morning. We had tried basically everything I could think of. 
  • I had taken her into the woods to go hunting, hoping her wolf would sense the presence of game and come alive. When that didn't work, I had cut the deer I had caught into pieces. If she felt a thirst for the blood then we were on the right track. But the only effect it had on her was the projection of vomit. It disgusted her to the core. 
  • After that we had tried to put her in a position where she was in danger. A connection with one's wolf was built in such a way that it was designed to protect her. I had been reluctant to try out this method because I was scared of her getting hurt. But after much pleading I gave in. The distance I had to push her from was not a very far one but I was scared nonetheless. 
  • When she landed badly in the bed of flowers below, I jumped down after her in fear that she had gone out. Luckily she was unhurt. Sad but uninjured. But she wouldn't stop. 
  • Now she stood helpless and close to tears and I had no idea what to do or how to help her. My hands clenched into fists as she began to sob. 
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