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Chapter 50 This is stupid

  • Nikolai's POV
  • I stood horrified at the entrance of the kitchen, my palm permanently glued to my forehead. I couldn't understand why I cared so much that I began to feel embarrassed. As if to make my point clearer, my face heated as Drew began to describe in detail how I used to chase him and Anna all over the garden with my booger fingers whenever they provoked me.
  • When I heard Liyah gasp in disbelief and then start to giggle, I wanted to rush into the kitchen and clap a hand over Drew's mouth. Why did he have to tell all these embarrassing stories in front of her? Just why?
  • "And it's so cool how you're all still very good friends," I heard her say.
  • Brief seconds of awkward silence took over, and I could imagine them thinking of what to say.
  • "Well, we all grow up don't we?" I heard Drew laugh awkwardly, then silence ensued.
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