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Chapter 58 Shh

  • Nikolai's POV
  • I tried not to feel impatient as I waited for them to arrive. It had been nearly ten minutes since I summoned them but still there was no sign of them. I began to wonder if I was actually impatient or just nervous.
  • Over the past few days, I had seen Drew give me questioning glances whenever he saw me training Liyah, but he never asked about it. I always knew that things weren't perfect with my pack, but I never truly got past my anger enough to see just how bad I had been neglecting them, especially Annalise and Drew. They were more than just my pack members. They were my family. 
  • I already knew they had been hurting, but I never cared. I was just too invested on getting my revenge. Now that everything had turned out the way it did, I began to see just how deep the wound was. 
  • I was distracted by the sound of my bedroom door opening. Drew walked in, Annie right behind him. They bowed shortly before facing me. 
  • "You wanted to see us?" Drew queried, his voice cold.
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