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Chapter 70 Get out

  • Jonas' POV
  • "This..." I started to announce, making sure my voice carried round the hall. "This is what you get when you dare to disrespect me..." I tightened the silver chain that was wound around Mario's neck, dragging it lower and lower, until it severed the part of his neck that was still stuck to his shoulders. After I had severed all his fingers and the wretched dick he had fucked my wife with, a semblance of satisfaction had begun to flow through me. His tortured screams gave me life.
  • A collective gasp rang through the room as his head rolled down to my feet, the blood spurting and staining my boots. I frowned down at it. I would have to change it now. How exhausting. 
  • Next to Mario, Mira knelt shaking from head to toe as she sobbed. I looked away to avoid hanging her up next to her lover boy. I was patient now, waiting for Barbara to make an entrance. Since our dear Luna was shameless enough to have an affair right under my nose, then she should have the courage to face her daughter and every other member of the pack. 
  • After a few minutes of waiting, Barbara finally walked through the doors, pausing in shock as she looked from Mario dangling from the ceiling, and her mother kneeling next to him.
  • "What's going on here? Mother!" In a flash she had come to her mother's side. She faced me. "Daddy... what's happening."
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