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Chapter 85 trigger

  • Nikolai's POV
  • I could feel the heavy swelling in my right eye as I slowly regained consciousness. I knew I had only been knocked out for a few minutes but I could feel my head spinning. I clutched at the grass, trying to pull myself to my feet but my hands were too shaky. I fell back heavily onto the grass, expelling sharp breaths as my chest started to burn. 
  • A piercing scream made me look in the direction of the sound and I looked up to see Jonas digging his fangs into the other man's side. I gasped in shock, trying once more to stand to my feet. I had almost forgotten that the man called Gabriel had come to my rescue. As I tried to crawl over there, I saw Jonas ram his fists into Gabriel's face...over and over again until he finally stilled, his damaged face buried into grass as he fell from Jonas' grip.
  • No, no, no.
  • "No!" I yelled, grabbing Jonas' attention to me. As long as he was yet to snap his neck off his shoulders, there was still hope. Maybe he could be saved. Jonas swung around to face me, smiling as he kicked Gabriel's body further away from him. And then he approached me. I tried to get to my feet but Jonas was faster. 
  • He pulled his hair away from his face as he scoffed. "I have waited for this very moment for years. When you would finally lay at my feet and beg for mercy." He laughed again, and then rammed his foot into my neck. I gasped from the shock and pain, my hands weakly tapping on his foot. But he only pressed harder... until I felt blood begin to drip from my neck. 
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