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Chapter 10 Make her suffer

  • Nikolai's POV
  • Every time I remembered that I had Jonas' daughter held captive in my basement, I had a rush of two emotions; satisfaction that I had completed the first step of my plan, and anger. Anger that she was still there, anger that she was alive. She had no right living. No right to still be alive and healthy down there when she should be in pain instead. She should be writhing in pain every second.
  • Furious, I raked my fingers through my hair, heading down to the basement to see what condition she was in.
  • "Alpha," I heard someone greet me. I half turned to see a woman I didn't recognize. I frowned. She bowed immediately.
  • "Make it quick," I snapped.
  • In reply, she loosened her hold on the loose shirt wrapped around her chest. "Last night...w-was amazing," She stammered. "I had no idea you had your eyes on me all this while. Now I've figured it out I was hoping this..." She motioned to herself then me. "...would lead to something truly beauti—"
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