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Chapter 82 Damn

  • Liyah's POV
  • As I sprinted out of the dungeons, I checked for any sign of life in the cells I passed, but there was no one present. I knew that most times Nanny Maria was either in the cells or in the servant quarters depending on which mood Mira was in. I needed to find her. She was the only member of this pack that I cared about. As I made my way up the passages where I knew she usually was, I prayed that she was still alive and well. I could feel the blood pump in my ears as I kicked the door down and stepped in. 
  • My heart fell. The room was empty. 
  • No, no. Where else could she be? "Maria!" I yelled into the deserted room. But there was no one around. My head spinning with different thoughts, I held onto the door to steady myself. Maria was alive. She is alive. And I was going to find her. I repeated the mantra in my head until I began to feel better. 
  • As I walked out the door, I heard someone sniff. I froze in my steps. It was short and ever so light. But I was sure I heard something. My eyes roaming round the room, I realized it was coming from the bathroom. Slowly, my fingers curled over the doorknob, and with my claws at the ready, I swung the door open. 
  • Maria sat huddled on the bathroom floor, her hands placed over her head as she shook all over, tears dripping down her chin to the front of her dress. "P-please..." She whimpered. 
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