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Chapter 22 Why's that?

  • Nikolai's POV
  • The pain piercing through my abdomen as I drove back to the house reminded me of everything that had happened with the prisoner girl. It was almost like everything had been a figment of my imagination. And for a moment I struggled to believe it. My wolf couldn't possibly have spoken. I had been pierced with silver and suffered a concussion so it was only understandable that I'd have hallucinations. So I convinced myself that there was nothing to worry about.
  • But another thing that bothered me was the girl. Why hadn't Jonas made any move? It had been nearly two weeks since I abducted her and still there was no sign of anything. With Jonas having such a huge influence, the news would have spread by now and he was likely to begin wrecking havoc on any one he was suspicious of.
  • The more I thought about it, the more it puzzled me. And I knew it could only be two things. It was either be that he didn't know she was missing, which was impossible because they lived together, and even if he hadn't, his wife would surely have. Or, he did know she was missing but he didn't care. That was even more impossible. She was his favorite, and to prove that he had organised the festival in her celebration. I remembered him showing her off and singing her praises at the festival and I knew that it couldn't be it.
  • My grip on the steering tightened. So why was he so calm? I wondered if he was just biding his time. Could he be planning something? My mind was running a mile per minute as I tried to join the pieces of this puzzle. Maybe Jonas had already begun to search for his daughter. But that was unlikely. I would have heard about it by now.
  • I reminded myself to give Drew a call when I arrived home. He had been gone for too long. Drew was the only reliable one that could seep out this kind of information, which was why he was my Beta in the first place. I needed to find out Jonas' plan before he somehow got to me first.
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