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Chapter 55 Something was off

  • Nikolai's POV
  • Something was off. I couldn't shake off the feeling that something was definitely up. I knew that there were wolf people who never transformed their entire life, but in most cases it was either the result of a wolfman and a human mating, or vice versa. And Liyah was a purebreed, from purebreed parents, so that wasn't even remotely possible. 
  • The only other situation for such an occurrence was when a spell was cast on the werewolf in question. But I wouldn't even be considering that because as far as I knew, witchcraft was forbidden. 
  • I opened the refrigerator to kill time as I thought of what to do. From what she had told me tonight, she had been put to work at a young age. So my hunch was that her wolf was not yet mature because she hadn't had the time to develop. That could be helped. But she needed time. Lots of it.
  • A soft gasp made me look up and I stared at Liyah's startled form. "Uhh, I'm sorry I didn't expect to run into anyone," She blurted, clearing her throat and moving toward the coffee maker. "I couldn't sleep."
  • I didn't point out the fact that she didn't need my permission for anything anymore. Instead I nodded, and raised my glass to my lips. I watched her carefully and expertly begin to work the machine. She stood awkwardly as she waited for it to get ready. 
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