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Chapter 38 Unsettled

  • Nikolai's POV
  • I hated the fact that everyone stayed out of my way today. They all did their jobs quickly and efficiently, not giving me a chance nor reason to complain or yell. All it did was irritate me. I needed some kind of outlet, some kind of release. I just needed a medium to let out all the pain I was feeling. But I couldn't find any. It was obviously because they weren't trying to be careful on this particular day.
  • It was Elle's death anniversary. Although I had spent years trying to forget it, and hoping that I would wake up one day and not remember the date, it never went away, it just kept stinging like a fresh wound. 
  • I couldn't afford to be distracted today, I needed to secure a very important contract for the company. I had been preparing for this particular meeting for weeks now, so nothing was allowed to mess it up. Downing the cup of coffee I had asked for, I wiped my lips and settled in to drive to my destination. 
  • The first face I saw when I walked out of the elevator was the very man I was here to see. Richard Lowe stopped in his tracks when we nearly bumped into each other. His face broke into a smile when he saw me. 
  • "Slade, good to see you!"
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