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Chapter 49 Height of it all

  • Liyah's POV
  • It was hard to keep a straight face when you were with Drew. Add Margaret and Annalise into the puzzle and you've got yourself a perfect day. I don't remember the last time I had laughed this much. I don't think I had ever laughed this much in my entire life. And it felt really good. My ribs were literally hurting. I was actually starting to feel like part of something... part of a family. With people who cared me, who supported me. Sometimes I would wake up thinking it was all a dream, and then to reassure myself that it wasn't, I would race to the nearest person's room, which happened to be Annalise. When she recognized me and was her usual nice self I would sigh in relief and go about my day like normal.
  • "I'm serious though," Drew said still laughing. "The last time I stayed up so late. My parents had no idea I had hid in a corner. When I saw them start to pile up the presents under the trees and in the stockings, I nearly had a heart attack."
  • Margaret spit out the coffee she was drinking, letting out a loud laugh. "Andrew, I've been trying to drink this coffee for twenty minutes now. Please let me," She begged, wiping tears out of the corner of her eyes.
  • Everyone else laughed in response. But Drew continued. "Let me finish the story at least."
  • "When I really lost it was when they sat at the table and began to swallow the cookies and milk that had taken me four whole hours to make. I cried my eyes out."
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