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Chapter 59 For eve

  • Nikolai's POV
  • As soon as the conference meeting ended, I quickly turned off the computer and tugged on the combat boots that were already laid out in front of my bed. As soon as I was done throwing my clothes on, I walked down to the training ground as quickly as I could. I sighted her as soon as I approached, seated comfortably astride a log of wood. 
  • I felt the duffel bag I had come with slip from my fingers as I tried my hardest not to gape at her. When she stood to face me, my lungs emptied of all the air intact. She had complained about the jeans and T-shirt she wore slowing her down, so I had asked her to see Annalise for a change of outfits. She needed to be as comfortable as possible in order to get to her full potential. 
  • But I definitely hadn't been expecting this. She was clad in a stretchy, black leather bodysuit; completing the attire with a pair of black boots, and her hair tied up in a ponytail. Dressed like this she looked... tough, and absolutely breathtaking. Reminding myself why I was here in the first place, I tore my eyes away and picked up the duffel bag. 
  • "How come you're late today? Scared I'll beat you, again?" I heard her joke as she approached me. 
  • For a moment I was speechless. It was strange but nice getting to see this humorous, carefree side of her. Of course she was still timid and reserved as was her nature, but I noticed that when she started to get more comfortable, her sense of humor was pretty difficult to hide, and she would make subtle jokes once in a while. And for some weird reason, I found it quite adorable. 
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