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Chapter 23 Hello there

  • Liyah's POV
  • "Get up," I heard her say, pulling my arm up as she spoke. I hissed from the pain as I quickly scrambled to my feet to face the same beautiful woman from the other day. For a second I was tempted to ask her how the little boy was doing, but I knew that wouldn't go down well so I bit my tongue and trained my eyes at my feet as she observed me. I tried to remember if I had done anything I wasn't supposed to. My heart skipped a beat as I wondered if they had found out the Healer woman had been seeing me. I just hoped she wasn't in any sort of trouble.
  • "Can you cook?"
  • My eyes shot up in surprise as I dared to look up at her scowling form to see if she was really talking to me. That was such a random and unexpected question.
  • "Well, uh...yes I can." I replied still a bit startled.
  • She grabbed my arm almost immediately, already leading me to the door. "The person who cooks for the omegas is under the weather at the moment. So you are going to take over until then. Understood?"
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