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Chapter 72 But how

  • Drew's POV
  • I took another sip of my coffee as we all stared out the kitchen window, watching Nikolai who was currently playing with the kids, little Eve comfortably seated in his lap. By 'we' I meant myself, Annie, Margaret and Liyah. I only just realized how weird we all were as we were comfortable enough watching him like stalkers. I was going to point it out but I held back my comment. After all, it was a sight worth gaping at. It still felt darn good to have the old Nikolai back, the Nikolai I knew and remembered. But the change had been so sudden and so tremendous, none of us saw it coming. 
  • But it was truly beautiful. The kids used to be so scared of him before, but now he was a kind of father figure. I couldn't even imagine what they could possibly be talking about. But it was beautiful nonetheless.
  • Everytime I looked at Nikolai, I had this urge to break down in tears. I had always hoped that my best friend was still in there somewhere, but I had also considered the fact that he would never come back to normal. He was completely ruined by what happened to Elle. He had changed...but to my surprise, everything did come back to normal.
  • "Well some of us are enjoying the view a whole lot more than others," I heard Annie say. Looking in her direction, I saw that she was smirking at Liyah. I chuckled when I saw Liyah blush. Well, Nikolai was shirtless at the moment so.. 
  • "The Alpha has really changed a lot. It's refreshing to watch him," Margaret smiled. "But yes you're right, we have Liyah to thank for that."
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