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Chapter 27 In flames

  • Liyah's POV
  • It felt like my face was about to explode. As I got to a small stream, I hurriedly splashed the cold water on my face. I couldn't believe I had seen what I just did. My hands shook in fear, I'm sure he had seen me. Of course, trust me to get into trouble with him. Again. I prayed that I had been mistaken and he really hadn't seen me. But I knew he had, I had felt the glare of those piercing silver eyes on me. His eye color made every stare seem harder, every glare more piercing. And yet it was beautiful. It had taken me a while to get used to them, and still I had a hard time looking him in the eyes.
  • I groaned, slapping my forehead. I couldn't seem to take the image out of my head. The image of his muscular form, standing tall and nude in all his glory, his arousal huge and erect. My cheeks warmed in embarrassment as the image replayed over and over in my head. I had never seen a nude, good-looking man up close. And he was gorgeous. My cheeks flamed again at my thoughts.
  • I still honestly didn't know why I was here. I had been surprised when the beautiful woman whom I had come to know as Annalise had informed me that I would be coming along on the hunt. I had been so confused. Wasn't the alpha sick and tired of me? It was clear as day that he hated me, so why would he even want me to tag along? I didn't understand it. And painfully, I had been looking forward to today. Because I would be left alone for once, I had wanted to catch up on sleep, and maybe just rest for a while without anyone throwing death glares my way. I had almost cried in frustration when I'd been told.
  • I wondered if he was planning something. But I didn't think so. He just looked and acted curious. I had seen the weird looks they had given me when everyone had begun to transform. Almost like they were expecting me to transform as well. I had felt small and uncomfortable with their stare, rubbing my hands behind my back.
  • I had been so scared at that moment. I dreaded undressing in front of the other wolves because then they would expect me to transform. And that would not happen because I had no wolf. I had not been so ashamed about not having a wolf for a long time time. So, having their attention drawn to me reminded me of my eighteenth birthday. And it did not feel nice.
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