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Chapter 67 Are you sure

  • Nikolai's POV
  • As soon as I blinked the sleep out of my eyes, I instinctively reached out for Liyah, jumping up when my hand touched empty sheets. On sitting up, I saw that she had rolled to the edge of the king-sized bed, her head nearly touching her knees as she folded into herself.
  • I let myself breathe. At some point I had began to wonder if last night had just been a dream. Because it actually felt like it. But there she was, lying right beside me in nothing but a flimsy piece of lingerie. She was mine. I couldn't help the smile that spread on my face. Liyah was mine; my mate, my own. 
  • Reaching out, I gently pulled her into the bed, pulling the blanket over her and getting up gently to avoid waking her as I made my way into the kitchen.
  • I chuckled as I opened the cabinet. Drew and Anna had really outdone themselves. The cabin we had expected to be thick in dirt and dust was sparkling clean when we arrived, the cabinets were stocked with so much food items I wondered if they had planned for us to live here. 
  • Assholes, I laughed quietly to myself. But I couldn't say I wasn't grateful. It brought Liyah and I closer than we had ever been. And last night...well, I've never had better, hotter sex. I swallowed at the thought. It was amazing. I pushed the image of her shy smile and full boobs away from my mind as I began to make breakfast for her. I wanted to surprise her. 
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