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Chapter 57 Worth it

  • Nikolai's POV
  • I was at the training ground earlier than the last time. After I had spent about twenty minutes and there was still no sign of Liyah, I began to wonder if she would come today. I wouldn't be surprised if she eventually didn't, I would understand why. She was still trying to heal, and if being around me was getting in the way of that then it was probably best to stay away. 
  • As I lowered myself onto a large log of wood, my thoughts drifted to the events of yesterday. It was shocking to see her lash out the way she did. And one thing I was completely sure of was that, as I watched her chide me and put me in my place yesterday, I knew that I never wanted her to let anyone push her around the way I had.
  • And she left me in shock everytime we spoke. After everything I had done, she still wanted me to realize that it all hadn't been entirely my fault. What person on earth would do that? Who would apologize to you for your pain after you hurt them over and over again? She was such a good person that it made me feel bad for myself. And although some of her words had hurt, they were completely true. It was time to start facing the truth, and these were facts.
  • And the fact was, I was a terrible person, and I needed to change and be better. Not just for myself, but for the people around me as well. 
  • I got up, deciding I would try again tomorrow, and keep trying until she felt ready to show up. As I heaved all my equipment on one shoulder ready to leave, I saw someone race in.
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