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Chapter 34 A long night

  • Liyah's POV
  • The room was smaller than I had expected. Just great. If it was bigger at least I would be guaranteed a safe distance away from him. I tried to hiss as inaudibly as I could, awkwardly clutching the travel bag to my chest and I waited for him to say something.
  • He hissed as he looked the room through. "Disgusting," He muttered under his breath. I prayed to disappear into wall when he looked in my direction. After a few agonizing moments, he finally looked away, raising his arms above his head to pull off his tie and then unbutton his shirt. My eyes widened in shock when his muscular chest came into view and without thinking I turned away to hide the blush that had spread over my face. I could feel his eyes pierce my back and I facepalmed.
  • Why did he look so much better to me now that we had shared a kiss? I wondered, cursing myself internally. I needed to calm down and quit this weird behaviour. I only turned around when I heard him go into the bathroom and bang the door behind him.
  • I raked a hand through my hair as I lowered myself onto the medium sized bed. I quickly jumped up, realizing i had bigger problems. Where was I supposed to sleep? There was no couch or even a measly chair I could sleep in. And the weather was so cold I was sure to catch a cold if I slept on the floor. The floor of the dungeon had been all wood and hay and although I hadn't been comfortable, I hadn't fallen sick. Except from malnutrition. This floor was tiled and I knew how bad that could be. Resolving to beg him to hand me one of the duvets, I lay down and waited for him to finish up.
  • My mind wandered as I waited. He was taking longer than I expected him to. I was already beginning to feel sleepy and so I stood to pace around the room for fear of falling asleep on the bed. I didn't want him dragging me up so hard that he'd separate my soul from my body.
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