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Chapter 99 Edwardchloe - Poor Chloe

  • Edward blinked. Turning to the side, he found Chloe sitting while screaming hysterically. An aura full of fear emanated clearly from the woman's face. Hurriedly, Edward straightened up, cradling Chloe in his arms. Trying to calm her down so she won't be scared anymore. He knew exactly what had caused his wife to be like this suddenly. "Shhh ..." Edward hissed softly as he continued to rub Chloe's head and shoulders gently. "Don't be afraid, and I'm by your side. You'll be safe with me," he said, keeping calm. Chloe moved restlessly. "That man touched me. I even let him enjoy my body," she gushed in frustration. "I'm so disgusting, Ed!" Edward tightened his grip even more. He could even feel how Chloe's body shook as the fear gripped her. "No," said Edward. "No one dares to touch you. There is me who will always protect you." In Edward's arms, Chloe shook her head as she spoke softly. "Please...don't leave me again. Don't ask me to stay away from you. I'm terrified." Edward loosened his grip so he could see Chloe's face. He grabbed her chin and placed a deep kiss. He did this solely to calm his wife, who was still scared. "I'm sorry for ignoring you a few days ago. I promise, after this, I will never leave you again." Edward was also feeling a great amount of guilt. If only yesterday he had accidentally neglected his wife, maybe this would never have happened. Chloe must be in a deep trauma right now. "Now, you better go back to rest." "I'm scared," said Chloe, shaking her head. His body was still shaking violently. "I'm afraid that guy will come back and kidnap me again." Edward tightened his embrace again as he kissed the top of his wife's head. "No... I swear Roland will never touch you again. I will also always accompany you until you fall asleep." Finally, Chloe complied. Slowly the woman returned to her body. Pull up the blanket. Holding Edward's hand, he tried his best to close his eyes. Force yourself to go back to sleep. **** Jacob and Nicholas and their wives visited Edward's residence early this morning. They were worried about Chloe's news after hearing the story from Hans last night. As a friend, providing support is a form of care for Edward and Chloe. Moreover, his best friend's wife had just experienced an unpleasant act. There must be a deep trauma that Chloe is feeling right now. "Ed, how's your wife doing?" From the look on her face, Kimberly looks very worried. "Not good enough." Edward took a deep breath. They are all in the living room now. "Chloe woke up several times and cried hysterically. Several times she begged me to forgive her." Jacob furrowed his eyebrows. "Apologize? For what?" "Apologies for letting Roland touch her body. Even though I know, it was all purely because Chloe was under the stimulant drug Roland deliberately gave her." "Good grief!" Everyone shouted in unison. Quite surprised to hear what Edward told them. "I can't imagine being Chloe. She must feel very sorry for you," said Alya. Edward nodded in agreement. "He's always crying. He thinks I'm disgusted with him. I don't mind that one bit, though." "You should call a doctor and a psychiatrist, Ed," Nicholas suggested. The man felt very sorry to see what was happening to his friend. "Prolonged trauma can harm your wife's health." Again Edward nodded slowly. "Already ... I've asked the Doctor and psychiatrist to come. Maybe it's a bit late they will arrive at my house. I also hope that all this will pass quickly and Chloe will return to normal as before." "And do your parents know about this matter?" asked Nicholas again. Edward shook his head. "No. I kept it all a secret on purpose.
  • I don't want to make them all worry about what's going on. I've also asked Hans to silence all media. They are afraid to get information and then publish the news. All of this can affect the credibility of the company." Jacob got up from his seat. He walked over to Edward and lightly patted the man's shoulder. "Patience. I'm sure you can handle all of this. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask for help." Nicholas nodded as well. Although Edward loved to annoy him. But, deep down, he really loved his best friend. "Jacob was right. If you need anything, just let the two of us know." Everyone stood in unison, including Alya and Kimberly. They were all getting ready to leave because they had to go back to the office. After his friends left, Edward had another guest this time. There was Samuel and two doctors who visited the man. of Scottish blood. Edward had deliberately asked Samuel to come to his house. Who knows, Chloe needs the presence of her loyal assistant. "Mister, how is Mrs Chloe doing?" Edward shook his head weakly. "You can see for yourself when the doctor examines later." They all then went up to the second floor. Approached Chloe who turned out to be awake and chose to sit dreamily on the bed. Her eyes were blank. The woman acted like a person who was not eager to live. Again, Edward was so sad to see his wife's condition now. " Darling..." Edward called. Chloe immediately turned to look at him. "There's a doctor who wants to check your health first." Chloe didn't answer. The woman just nodded. Meanwhile, the Doctor immediately carried out his duties. Check the condition of the beautiful woman's body. After undergoing a little examination, it is the turn of the psychiatrist to provide healing as a process of healing mental or mental wounds for the anxiety he is experiencing. This is all done so that the woman does not continue to be stressed and even depressed. "I'll stay downstairs first," Edward said to Chloe. Which actually made the woman immediately grab her wrist. Looks like a scared person. "It's okay, honey. The Doctor will help you overcome all these fears. After therapy, I will return to accompany you." Long Edward convinced until finally Chloe agreed to be left. While waiting for his wife to get treatment from a psychiatrist, on the first floor, Edward chose to listen to the results of another doctor's examination who had just checked Chloe's health. "Physically, there's nothing to worry about, sir. Your wife's womb is also fine." Edward breathed a sigh of relief. He almost forgot that his wife was pregnant with his child. Praise God, the prospective little angel was reported to be in good condition. "Thank you very much, Doc, for the information. If anything happens again, I'll be in touch with you." Samuel, who had been listening, helped Edward to lead the Doctor to the exit. Then after that the man came back. "I'm sorry for what happened to your family, Mister. However, I also believe that Mrs Chloe will recover soon and return to normal as usual." "I hope so too, Sam. I feel guilty for deliberately ignoring him. Even speculating about wanting to leave him. It was all a joke." Edward took a deep breath. The lines of regret still haven't left his face. In his heart, he continued to curse at his stupidity for thinking he wanted to teach Chloe a little lesson. Which even resulted in his wife being kidnapped by his cousin. "I understand your position, Mister. You did nothing more than want to teach the Madame a lesson. You weren't wrong. It was Mrs Chloe who was a little careless at the time. I was even guilty of letting her go off on her own unattended." Edward tried to smile. "For God's sake, I miss Noami, who likes to be angry more than the one who always cries in fear like this." "I always pray that Madam will recover as soon as possible.
  • And, if Mister needs any help, I'm here to help." "I have plans to ask you to work in my office, Sam. It just so happens that I need an assistant who can replace Nicholas' duties." Samuel flashed a smile as an average person would refuse to work at a company like AlphaBeta. Of course, that's a significant achievement. "If Mister thinks I can do it, I'll try to live it. But, at least I have to ask your wife's permission first." Edward chuckled softly. What Samuel said was true. He had first to ask his wife's permission, considering that Samuel was the wife's favourite assistant. assistant to handle the many jobs that have been abandoned since Nicholas left. "Looks like Chloe will agree with this decision. Just prepare yourself. I need your help soon." Samuel nodded. The man didn't have time to respond. The psychiatrist who examined Chloe finally came down to Edward to give the examination results. "Mr Edward ... I want to convey the results of Mrs Chloe's examination." "So, How is my wife, Doc?" Edward asked worriedly. They were all sitting on the sofa in the living room. "Your wife has experienced moderate trauma. In his heart, he always blamed himself for the events that had just happened. This, if left without serious treatment, will be fatal. Your wife can be under a lot of stress and endanger the fetus's health in her womb." Edward closed his eyes. He couldn't bear to hear what was happening to his wife. "So, what should I do?" "Support your wife to do self-healing. Invite him to come to terms with the situation. Also, ask your wife to forgive herself. Give understanding that you never mind what happened. Make the regret he is feeling a strength to overcome fear." Edward nodded understandingly at the Doctor's advice. "Then, besides that, what else should I do, doc?" "Diligently once a week to check. Don't forget to make him feel comfortable. Take your wife for a walk. Or do whatever he likes. This is a form of stimulation to slowly forget the bad events that have just happened to him." "Okay..." Edward said. "I understand what I have to do." **** "How, Hans? Have you taken care of all the matters involving Roland?" At precisely eight o'clock in the evening, Hans visited Edward's house. The man had come deliberately because he wanted to provide information regarding the problem that had just happened to his client. "You take it easy. I've taken care of Roland. Your cousin will be rewarded with multiple articles. For unpleasant deeds. Sexual harassment, brain sabotage and, of course, attempted murder. Maybe he could be sentenced to life in prison." Edward smiled with satisfaction. He even wished his cousin were dead instead of living a life of trouble for the crowd. "Make sure Roland doesn't get out of jail. Or I killed him with my own hands." Laughter escaped Hans' lips. He knew very well that His emotions provoked Edward. Roland's behaviour was indeed unforgivable. "Don't worry. I have arranged everything. The man will rot in prison as you wish." Enjoying talking with Hans, without Edward knowing it, Chloe suddenly came over. While crying, the woman came closer and immediately hugged her husband, who was sitting. "Hey ... what's wrong? "Edward was astonished by Chloe's attitude. "I'm scared..." she answered with a sob. "Please, don't leave me alone." Hans, who understands the situation, chose to say goodbye. To give Edward some space to overcome his wife's fear. Let's go back to the room," Edward said. The next second he carried Chloe carefully into the room. Laid the woman slowly on the bed. Just as she was about to get up, Chloe straightened up again. Pulled Edward to hold her close. "Don't go," he repeated. Those were the words she always said. "I'll be right here, honey. I promise I won't leave you." Chloe shook her head. "You're not going anywhere," she pleaded. "I'm afraid that man will take me back." "No one will dare to take you away while I'm around," Edward replied. The man grabbed Chloe's face. He asked the wife to look at her face. "I will protect you from anything. So, now, hurry up and sleep.
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