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Chapter 80 EdwardChloe - Back Home

  • This was Edward's last day attending a meeting with Emaar Properties. According to the schedule, he will return to London tomorrow morning and start carrying out his duties as agreed. The man had left for the conference hall early in the morning with Nicholas too. However, when he arrived and was about to enter the room, Edward's eyes saw a sight he didn't like. A man who has not been seen in a long time today is in the same building and room. I even greeted him without hesitation. "Sebastian Eduardo Cullen. It's been such a long time seeing you again." Edward turned. He was bringing his eyes to scan the appearance of a man in front of him from head to toe. After a moment, he answered with a straight face. "Arsene Tobias Geraldo. I'm sure this isn't a coincidence. God isn't that joking, is he?" The man named Arsene laughed so crisply. "Why blame God when the two of us accidentally met? Was my sin so great against you that you didn't want to see my face?" Edward raised an eyebrow. Wanted to openly sneer but realized how much he was in a public place right now. And so, the next thing the man did was step forward. Erase the distance between the two of them then whispered. "For God's sake, Arsene. We used to be friends. But after you forced Olivia to marry you. Since then, I have considered your rivals. I even prayed to God that we wouldn't have to deal with each other again." Arsene chuckled softly. Didn't expect that the man who used to be her best friend was now so hostile to her. He also didn't think that the events of a few years ago still made an impression on Edward's heart. "Aren't you married and have a wife? Why do you still hate me?" Edward's eyes sharpened. Implied annoyance that never fades. "Still, I don't like your way. You're so sneaky even--" "Oh, come on, Ed," Arsene interrupted. "You also have to be aware and willing that Olivia loves me in the end. Please accept the situation." Edward clenched his jaw. Clenched both wrists ready to strike. I hate to accept the fact that Olivia, who in fact is her ex-lover, now loves Arsene so much. Mr. Edward," Nicholas called suddenly. He was well aware that his boss was now being overcome by emotion. Instead of something untoward happening, he quickly rebuked him. "Emaar's representatives are already inside. We'd better go in now." Edward took a deep breath. He nodded in understanding. But before leaving, the man spoke softly again. "Even though Olivia is already your wife, I won't hesitate to take her back if you hurt her!" Smile It was etched on Arsene's face. "As long as I breathe, that will never happen." Arsene continued to smile meaningfully. The next second, the man took his hand to invite Edward to enter the meeting room first. **** Chloe read a file of financial statements that had just been handed over to him one by one. After being active again, he was determined to complete a task that had been neglected for several days. Enjoying reading the reports on the table, the door to his room was open. Dylan walked in and immediately took a seat on the guest's sofa. " Are you feeling better?" Chloe got up, walked over to her. He chose to land a hug first before finally sitting side by side with Dad. "Much better, Pa. I'm as healthy as ever," the woman replied. "How about your own Papa? Are you okay?" Dylan smiled. "Papa has never been as good as he is now. Especially after you got married. Papa feels a lot lighter now." Chloe pursed her lips. Dress like someone who is sulking. "So you mean, all this time I was a burden that troubled Papa's heart and mind?" Dylan laughed, of course. It was amused to see his youngest child deliberately teasing him. "Just think of it that way. You always make Papa worry." Dylan was silent for a moment before finally speaking again. "And to be honest, ever since you married Edward, Papa's feelings have calmed down." Chloe also smiled at her father's words. Before he could reply, the middle-aged man spoke again. "Do you two have no desire to have children in the near future?" Chloe was silent for a moment. He takes a deep breath while thinking about what answer should he give to his father.
  • Impossible, right? She admitted that she married Edward for a specific purpose. "We're both still young, Pa. Just let things flow. If God wants me to get pregnant in the near future, of course I won't refuse in the slightest." Dylan's eyes sparkled with joy. The old man pulled the corners of his lips into a warm smile. "Papa, pray that in the near future, God will give you both offspring. Because honestly, Papa can't wait to carry your children." Chloe couldn't help but smile blandly in response to Dylan's prayer. What else can we do? He wanted to argue, but he didn't have the heart to destroy the joy his father was feeling. If only Edward weren't the man who caused Nathalie to lose her life, maybe Chloe could have accepted him willingly to be her husband. Because, to be honest, the criteria for the man Chloe wanted was Edward. "Okay, Papa has to go back to the room. You have to finish your work, right?" Dylan patted his thighs lightly then decided to stand up. Get ready to leave the room. "Take care of yourself," continued Dylan. "Say Papa's greetings to your husband." After Dylan's death, Chloe resumed her work. And when it was time to go home, the woman chose to direct the car she was driving to go first to the usual cafe where she spent time. I don't know if it's a coincidence or on purpose. Having just entered the restaurant, Chloe had to run into Roland again. The man even immediately called and asked to sit together. "It seems that God has arranged this meeting." "Oh yes?" Chloe responded. "I actually thought you were the one following me on purpose." Roland laughed loudly. Found it funny what Chloe accused him of. "Yeah, let's just say I'm following you because I'm so interested in working with you." Chloe smirked. "What do you really want Mr. Roland?"
  • "Of course I want to invite you to cooperate," said the man. "Are you sure you don't want to be my partner? I can assure you that you will make a tremendous profit. We both have the same goal." "You seem obsessed with destroying Edward?" guess Chloe. He dared to conclude this because Roland had openly shown his displeasure. "Not really," said the man. "I just want to take what is rightfully mine." Chloe brought her eyes to stare intently at her interlocutor. "But, by the way, are you the type to be trusted?" Laughter escaped from Roland's lips again. "Absolutely," he answered confidently. "You can prove it yourself. Or ... how about I give you one more time to think. At our next meeting, I hope you have a definite answer to this offer of cooperation." Chloe nodded this time. "All right. Let's hope we have a match in this business." **** "Mr Edward, are you sure you want to take the flight to London tonight as well?" Nicholas asked reassuringly. Incredibly, his boss hastened his return schedule. "You don't want to rest first?" Edward, who was packing his things into the suitcase, immediately responded. "No, Nic, I want to go home right now and rest in my own house. So you better take care of my return ticket right now." Nicholas no longer argued. Immediately nodded and did as Edward ordered. So at precisely six in the afternoon, the two men headed straight for Atatürk International Airport. After waiting for about 60 minutes, the plane they were travelling in finally took off, leaving Turkey. While on the way home, Edward looked different than usual. Nicholas could sense how his boss was more silent. This is far different from the man's personality, who is always cheerful in his daily life. Nicholas had time to guess whether the changes to Edward were the aftermath of his meeting with Arsene this morning. You can, right? The man's mood was damaged because he argued with his eternal rival.
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