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Chapter 106 Edwardchloe - Pregnancy

  • During pregnancy, perhaps every woman often feels mood swings. Sometimes very happy and enthusiastic. But not infrequently also very emotional and feel sad, to cry sobbing because of trivial things. Or even there is a reason that they do not know. Various factors cause mood swings or mood swings during pregnancy. These include hormonal changes, physical pain due to a changing body, and normal worries about future life changes. Of the many married men that Edward met, all of them almost always said the mood of pregnant women would be better when entering the second trimester. But it seems this is not the case with his wife. Already entering the third trimester of pregnancy, Chloe's mood swings have not improved. Even worse than before. Women are more easily offended, cry, and even like to be angry. "Mister, from its looks, you look like an exhausted person. If you're not feeling well, you should rest." Samuel had indeed been in Edward's study 15 minutes ago. All this time, he saw his new boss was so tired while continuing to massage his temples. "I'm just not getting enough sleep, Sam. I've been aching all over this morning," the man said. "Did you do so much work last night?" But as Samuel recalled, he had done all the important work. Since joining AlphaBeta, he has handled most of the important projects. Edward should have been more relaxed. "Not because of that." Edward shook his head. The man was still massaging his forehead. "It's because your beloved madam didn't let me sleep in the room last night." Samuel was taken aback. "Oh my... how come it's like that?" "Everything happened because yesterday I was only five minutes late to get home. He refused to be hugged, kissed, and even forbade me to sleep in the room." "Oh my God..." Samuel grimaced. Feeling sorry for what just happened to his boss. "Is it because of the pregnancy hormones?" Edward nodded.
  • Before answering, the man took a sip of the coffee provided for him. He was hoping to relax a bit after drinking it. "Actually, it's too much trouble like this, Sam," he complained. "But it can't be helped. Chloe is carrying my flesh and blood. That means I contributed to making her this way." "Has Mister tried to discuss it with him? Mood swings should be anticipated in various ways." Edward's brow furrowed deeply. The man was now leaning his shoulder on the chair. Take the most comfortable sitting position. "Like what, for example?" "According to the journals I've read, there are several ways to deal with an explosive and uncontrollable mood swing of a pregnant woman like this." Samuel seemed enthusiastic to explain. Even though he doesn't have a wife or children, in theory, he understands a little about dealing with the ups and downs of a pregnant woman's mood. So, there is nothing wrong with sharing knowledge with his superiors. "The method can be like: Talk to or listen to all her complaints with patience and attention. Because women are basically creatures who want to be heard every complaint. No need to ask too many questions. Just listen. Second, make sure Mrs. Chloe gets enough sleep every night Because most pregnant women are often emotional because their bodies don't get enough rest." Edward nodded in understanding. "Even though every night, before going to bed, I always ask him what he was doing that day. What he did all day and how he felt." The man seemed to take a deep breath before finally speaking again. "Still, Chloe's moods are hard to predict sometimes." Samuel smiled at Edward's story. "If both don't work, you'll have to resort to the last resort, and this seems to be the most effective." "What's that?" Samuel leaned in and whispered. "Invite your wife to have sex. Studies say, sexual arousal or libido of pregnant women will increase significantly when entering the final trimester." Edward's face reflexively turned suspicious. "How do you know all this? You're not a gynecologist, Sam." Samuel chuckled.
  • "In the past, my dream was to become a doctor, Mister. But unfortunately, my father agreed more if I became an engineer or an architect. Because I wanted to make my parents happy, I had to do what they asked." Edward now understands. It turns out that there is a reason Samuel can understand the ins and outs of pregnancy. It turns out the man didn't just talk the whole time. "I'll try your advice when I get home." After saying that, Samuel checked the watch wrapped around his hand again. I almost forgot that soon there was a meeting that had to start soon. "Let's go to the meeting room, Mister. Maybe the advertising party has arrived." Edward immediately got up. Together he and Samuel stepped into the meeting room. His assistant was right, and several people were there who were waiting for him. **** Chloe casually strolled into the AlphaBeta Corporation building. Almost everyone who passed him always rebuked him with respect. After all, who doesn't know the wife of the sole heir to this giant corporation? Down the corridors of the building, then onto the Vip elevator, Chloe finally arrived at the 10th floor. Without hesitation, the woman pointed her feet towards Edward's study. Before entering, she approached her husband's secretary. "Arianna, is my husband in there?" Chloe asked when she was standing right in front of the door to the CEO's office. Arianna stopped her hands dancing on the keyboard. He looked up slowly and then stood up quickly. Finding the leader's wife standing right in front of his desk, he nodded politely before answering. "Mr Edward is not in the room, madam. He is currently in a meeting with Samuel." Chloe nodded. "The meeting room is on the eighth floor, right?" the woman asked for sure. To which Arianna answered with repeated nods. "Then let me just follow my husband there." Arianna once again nodded. After all, how dare he forbid when the wife of the owner of the company wants to meet her husband herself. Walking slowly, Chloe finally arrived in front of the meeting room. Full of confidence, the woman immediately opened the door without knocking first. Suddenly, everyone in the room immediately turned to look at him, including Edward. Realizing the arrival of his wife, the man immediately gave a signal. Ask Chloe to sit first in the available chair while waiting for her to finish the meeting. However, instead of being happy to meet her husband, Chloe scowled. It was disgusting to see a woman he didn't know look so familiar with Edward. "Miss Arletta is the model who will fill the advertisement for the apartment building and mall we are building, Mister." Samuel continued to explain. "He is very competent in this matter. Many large companies have recognized his expertise in attracting a wide range of customers." The woman named Arletta smiled broadly. "Actually, I'm also very honored to be a part of this project. After all, who doesn't know AlphaBeta," he said. "I didn't even think that the CEO was really as handsome as many people say." Chloe could see how her husband's interlocutor was squinting from a distance. Deliberately teasing or maybe just asking for attention. However, Chloe tried to remain patient. He repeatedly took deep breaths to suppress his emotions to not explode in front of the crowd. "Thank You." Edward responded politely. "But it seems what you heard was a bit exaggerated." Arletta commented on the best smile she had. "No ... no ... what people say is true. You are very handsome Mr. Edward. So far, I have only seen you from magazines or news that discuss business matters. And now, when I have the opportunity to meet in person, I feel very lucky. From this I finally understand, why women fight to be your date or partner." Edward's brow furrowed deeply. "So what?" Not taking her eyes off Edward's pair of brown eyes, Arletta leaned forward a little.
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