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Chapter 88 Edwardchloe - Getting Surprise

  • Edward had just finished his shower this morning. When he came out, the man accidentally caught Chloe, who didn't know what she was drinking. Curious, he decided to ask directly. "Are you sick?" Chloe immediately turned around, her face a little nervous. "No, I'm fine," the woman said calmly. Try to be as casual as possible. Edward narrowed his eyes. Act like you're not sure what you've just heard. "Really? Then what did you drink just now?" Chloe blinked once. "Me? Just now?" The woman then nodded. "Ah, it's blood-boosting vitamins. I've been feeling dizzy since last night. Maybe that's also what made me sluggish since yesterday." "If it makes you uncomfortable, I can take you to the doctor. Instead of things happening," Edward offered earnestly. "No need," said Chloe. "Just take medicine and get enough rest, maybe my dizziness will go away on its own." Edward just nodded. Then went to the walk-in closet. At the same time, Chloe chose to go to the bathroom immediately. Seeing his wife engrossed in the bathroom, Edward, who was already dressed, walked slowly over to the dressing table. Taking out the medicine bottle that Chloe was holding earlier from the drawer. He opened the lid, then took a few grains to put in a tissue and then put them in the pocket of his pants. "Too bad I can't just trust you right now," Edward muttered. The man returned to the walk-in closet, grabbed a coat to wear and went to the dining room. Fifteen minutes passed, Chloe finally came downstairs, following Edward into the dining room. Sit quietly there while eating breakfast. "I don't think I can pick you up this afternoon. I have some work to do. This time, you're going home with a driver." Chloe was still engrossed in the food in front of her. Glancing a little and then replying. "Actually, there's no need to drop off. I can bring my own car as usual." "No ... no ..." Edward said. The man shook his head. "I just wanted to make sure you got home safely and comfortably." Chloe reached for the glass of water in front of her. Swallowed until the toilet then responded to her husband's words. "That's up to you. Isn't that why I'm not allowed to protest?" After eating breakfast, Edward rushed to take Chloe off to work. However, instead of driving the car towards the AlphaBeta building, the man stopped by somewhere first. A hospital where one of his friends works. Arriving there, Edward was immediately greeted warmly. The man hastily conveyed his intentions and goals, and he had stopped there early in the morning. "What's the wind all of a sudden you're here, Ed?" he asked. One of the doctors is also Edward's friend. "I want to ask you something," the man said, then dug something out of his trouser pocket. Handing over a white package that is nothing but a tissue containing several pills of medicine. "Can I know what medicine this is?" Jacob grabbed the lump of tissue that Edward handed him. I opened it then began to examine it carefully. "If I look at the code, it looks like an emergency contraceptive pill. But if in doubt, I can ask the pharmacy to check it out." "Emergency contraceptive pills?" Edward repeated. The man's eyebrows were raised high. Jacob nodded. "Yeah, it's the emergency contraceptive pill," the man tried to reassure. "Is this your date?" he inquired. Edward immediately snorted loudly. "Of course not! You know, I've never brought a woman to bed. So what's this medicine for." Jacob shrugged his shoulders. "Who knows this time you made a mistake. But don't you already have a wife?" It was Edward's turn to nod. "I'm just wondering what medicine it is. And if I may know, what is its function and use." Jacob first took off the reading glasses he was wearing. Only then did he begin to explain. "Emergency contraceptive pills are usually used to prevent pregnancy. Effectively used after sex for up to 72 hours (3 days) ahead. So, for example, you and your lover have sex last night, then take this medicine in the morning, it is certain that your partner will not get pregnant. Usually the pill it's used by couples who don't want to have children." Edward nodded in understanding. Chloe had calculated all the possibilities that happened. The woman was so good at preparing this pill just in case she didn't get pregnant.
  • Unlucky! Unconsciously Edward cursed softly. He was cursing Chloe's plan of blatantly not wanting to have children from him. "Jack, do you know of a drug that can make a woman get pregnant quickly? But, if possible one that looks exactly like this pill?" Jacob knit his brows together. "For whom? Your wife?" Edward laughed loudly at Jacob's question. "For my wife, of course. Who else do you think it is for?" "Why don't you take your wife to the hospital for a checkup and a pregnancy program?" Edward shook his head. "My wife doesn't have time right now. She's still busy with her work. So, while waiting for free time, there's nothing wrong with taking medication that helps to speed up pregnancy." Jacob nodded his head. The man then took a pen and a piece of paper and wrote something down. "I've prescribed a powerful fertility drug. Luckily, it's in exactly the same form as the one you brought. Please redeem it at the hospital pharmacy." Without saying much more, Edward immediately got up. After saying goodbye, the man immediately redeemed the medicine and then put it back in the pocket of the jacket he was wearing. I couldn't wait to get home later to quickly exchange the medication Chloe took for the one she had just bought. **** I don't know what wind brought Chloe to visit Edward's office this afternoon. Accompanied by Samuel, the woman arrived at the Alphabeta building and went straight to her husband's study. However, honey. When you entered the room, Chloe couldn't find Edward's figure. According to the information he got from Ariana, his husband is currently chairing a meeting and is expected to finish in thirty minutes. While waiting, Chloe chose to read some of the business books available in Edward's study. But, just a few minutes into the reading, the woman's eyes turned to the laptop that was on the table. Hurriedly, Chloe got up to approach. Turn on the smart thing and then look for something there. "I need to get the document AlphaBeta is working on for Emaar Properties. Because that's the project that really matters right now." While bringing her eyes through the data, Chloe finally found what she was looking for. Sprinting towards her shopper bag on the guest table, the woman took out a flash drive and returned to Edward's desk. Chloe carefully began to copy the data that she didn't know what she wanted to use in the future. In his head right now, he had to act fast before Edward returned from the meeting. Chloe's guess was accurate. Only a few minutes after she had succeeded in copying the data, Edward and Nicholas arrived in the room. They were both surprised to see the figure of Chloe, who was sitting casually on the guest sofa. "Honey..." said Edward. He lowered his body a little to briefly kiss the top of Chloe's head. "Why suddenly come here? Is there something emergency?" Chloe lifted her head to look at Edward's hazel irises. "No, I just wanted to take you to lunch." Edward raised an eyebrow. "Have lunch?" Chloe nodded, then got up from her seat. "Is there something wrong if I take you to lunch?" Edward chuckled at Chloe's question. Even though he still doubted what his wife's invitation meant this time in his heart. It's kind of hard to trust that woman now. "Then wait a minute. I have to sign some paperwork first and then we'll go out to have lunch together." After waiting a few minutes, Edward immediately took Chloe to a restaurant in the city centre. While enjoying lunch, Edward and Chloe accidentally met Nicholas. The man seemed to have just had a meeting outside the office. "Gosh, I might as well meet you here." Edward laughed at his friend's words. Ask the man to join his desk. "Aren't we really the same?" Nicholas, of course, immediately snorted. It was a shame to hear his friend's taunts. "Don't be crazy! Your best friend is Arsene. Not me." Edward immediately glared sharply. It's excellent that Nicholas seems to be making fun of it.
  • Even though the man knew that Edward hated Arsene's figure. "So that you know, I even met him at a meeting in Turkey." "And also to know Ed," Nicholas continued. "Arsene and your ex-girlfriend were even in London yesterday." Edward nodded. "Olivia even met me at the office. It begged me to forgive her husband." Chloe, who had been silent all this time, chose to listen to the conversation of the two men in front of her. The woman's focus instantly sharpened when she heard the figure that her husband and best friend had been discussing. "Wait a minute..." Chloe interrupted the conversation. "So the one who hugged you in the office the other day was your ex-girlfriend?" "Of course." Instead of Edward, it was Nicholas who answered. "Olivia Adelaide, the woman Edward has loved so much." Hearing Nicholas' explanation, Chloe immediately glanced sharply at her husband. "Oh ... so a former lover who is hard to forget? No wonder you enjoyed being hugged by that woman so much yesterday." "Oh, come on." Edward immediately grimaced. Act like someone caught making a lot of mistakes. "Olivia is just the past, honey. My future now is you." Chloe immediately let out a loud chuckle. He shouldn't be angry or jealous. However, for some reason, Chloe felt annoyed when she recalled the incident in which Edward nonchalantly hugged another woman lovingly. All men are the same! "Forget it!" Chloe ordered. "It doesn't matter whether you want to cuddle with anyone." Chloe resumed her lunch. He was ignoring Edward and Nicholas, who were still busy talking. After everything was finished, the brown-haired man immediately said goodbye to them. "I'll go first. Thank you for the treat," said the man politely. Edward smiled in response. "Don't be shy, Nick. It's only right that I, who is rich, treat you." Nicholas immediately glared disapprovingly. "Ah, I hate this arrogant attitude of yours. Good thing you are rich." The two immediately laughed. After saying goodbye, it was Edward's turn, who was now preparing to leave. Calling the waitress to bring the billing bill, Edward was surprised by the number of total accounts he had to pay. Yet it was clear that he, Chloe and Nicholas didn't order much food. "Isn't this bill wrong?" Edward asked to confirm. "Even though the food we eat can be fairly small. Why is the bill so swollen like this?" The waitress took out a paper order form under the apron she was wearing. Showed the length of the bill that Edward had to pay. "The amount of food that your table ordered is small, Mister. It's just that your brown-haired friend earlier said that everyone in this resort is your treat." "What?" Edward looked shocked. "Treat everyone who is in this restaurant?" The waitress nodded. "Your friend said so." "Damn, Nicholas!" Edward shouted. At times Nicholas was deliberately pranking her. Annoyed, Edward continued to pay all the bills. Before returning to the office, the man first took Chloe back to the hotel. **** "Aunt Sicily, is Mama at home?" At night, before actually going home, Edward decided to stop by first to his parents' house. He had promised his mother many times to visit more often. This is also a ransom because he had often neglected the two people he loved the most. "Madam is in her room," said Sicily while tidying the dining table. Edward was at his parents' house for a long time. Letting go of longing while telling a lot about his recent activities. "Mom, I have to go home now. Poor Chloe must be waiting for me at home." Edward was ready to say goodbye to go home. Liliana smiled a little. "Okay. Then, hurry home. Mama doesn't want Chloe to wait for you any longer. Edward nodded in understanding. When he was about to leave his parents' house, Sicily, cleaning the living room, suddenly called Edward and approached him. "Why, Aunt Sicily? Is there something important you want to say?" Sisi was silent for a moment.
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