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Chapter 73 EdwardChloe - Marry You

  • "Are you ready, baby?" Chloe nodded confidently as Dylan picked her up straight to the hotel room. Once again, the woman checked her appearance from behind the mirror before stepping into the Ballroom where the event was taking place. He also made sure that soon he would officially become the wife of Sebastian Edwardo Cullen. It had never crossed his mind once to marry someone he hated so much. Chloe even had time to think about why life can be such a joke. To carry out what had been planned long ago, he had to be willing to marry the man he believed was the mastermind behind Nathalie's death. Chloe was determined. When this case is revealed, he will be the one to drag the man to jail. Atoning for everything that has ever been done to his brother. "Chloe... can Papa say something?" Dylan asked when they hadn't left the hotel room. "Daddy, what are you talking about?" Dylan approached Chloe's position, grabbed his youngest son's wrists, and said, "When you are a wife. Be kind to your husband. Be with him in good times and bad." Dylan took a deep breath and then continued. "Papa knows that maybe you have to marry a child from the Cullen family to comply with Papa's request. But know that Edward is worthy of you. He is a good man. So it is appropriate to marry you who is also a good woman." "Pa..." Chloe responded. "I know Papa wants the best for me. I also believe that Edward is the man who should be with me. So what else to think about?" Dylan smiled. The middle-aged man immediately landed a warm hug on his youngest daughter, unlike Chloe, who could only grimace and then mutter in her heart. I'm sorry, Papa. Forgive me. I'm doing this all for Nathalie. After breaking his embrace, Dylan led Chloe out of the room and immediately took the woman to the Event venue. It is Kiano's Four Season Hotel which is used to hold a wedding party. The party, which Chloe believed, must have been very lavish and attended by many guests, considering that Alexander, Edward's father, was a very influential figure in England.
  • Many influential people were indeed present to enliven their wedding party. And what Chloe thought was true. Entering the Ballroom, hundreds of eyes stared at him in amazement. Flashes of camera flash hit every step as the woman walked. The strains of Shane Filan's song 'Beautiful in white' echoed along with the actions as he approached Edward, who had already stood up to greet him. "Ed ... I entrust my only daughter to you," Dylan ordered. The man let go of his hand on Chloe. She fully surrendered the daughter she loved to the man of her choice. "If one day it's like you don't love him anymore, I beg you... give him back to me in a good way." Edward smiled and nodded. "I will definitely take care of your beautiful daughter until the end of my life, Pa. I promise that." Edward grabbed Chloe's finger. She was taking the woman a small step towards the altar. Get ready to start the wedding procession. "Are you ready to be Mrs Cullen?" Edward whispered as they both stood on the altar together. "Do you think I'm such an unprepared person?" Chloe replied coldly. Edward smiled meaningfully.
  • Didn't answer anymore. I prefer to focus on immediately starting the wedding ceremony. He solemnly followed a series of processions until he was officially declared husband and wife. Standing so calm, Chloe tried to get through the party. She welcomed the guests who were present to enliven the event. Until the turn of Edward's friends came. They take turns congratulating them. "Hopefully after that you and Chloe will have children immediately, Ed. To be more responsible for the family." Jacob's prayer was sincere. Edward put his arm around the slanted-eyed man's body. "Thanks, Ken. Wish us both the best." Jacob nodded. His gaze shifted to Chloe. With a smile, the man continued to speak. "Chloe ... welcome to our big family," Jacob said.
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