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Chapter 86 Edwardchloe - Big Plan

  • Since morning, Edward has been busy with the piles of files on his desk. Nicholas had even warned many times to stop and rest for a while. Afraid that the boss was exhausted, which later turned out fatal. However, Edward, a hard worker, never stopped for him to stop what he was doing. He kept focusing until Ariana finally entered the room to tell him something. "Why, Ariana? Are there any other files I need to check?" Edward asked without turning away the slightest bit. Ariana smiled faintly, then replied politely. "Sorry, Mister, I'm interrupting your activities. But someone outside wants to meet you." Edward looked up. He looked at his secretary with a questioning look on his face. "Who else wants to see me this time?" "A man, mister." Ariana seemed to be waiting for her boss's response. "His name is Samuel." Edward's eyebrows almost knit together. A question crossed his mind for what reason did Chloe's assistant suddenly come to visit. Filled with curiosity, the man responded. "Just tell him to come in." Ariana nodded in understanding. I turned around and walked away to call the guests waiting outside the room. The slender woman kindly led Samuel in, inviting him to meet Edward face to face. "Sam..." Edward greeted pleasantly. "Please, sit." His order was followed by a hand gesture that invited the guest to take a sitting position. "What brings you here all of a sudden? Did my wife tell me to give you something?" Samuel pulled up a chair that was directly opposite Edward. Sitting there, then answering the AlphaBeta CEO's question. "I apologize in advance for interrupting your activities. However, I have something important to tell you." Edward's brow furrowed deeply. "What do you mean important?" The man changed his sitting position. He leaned forward and rested his arms on the table. Deliberately getting closer to Samuel's position. "Does this have anything to do with Chloe?" Samuel took a deep breath. A feeling of nervousness enveloped his heart. I was confused about where to start the conversation. "Y-yes, Mister," he said nervously. "What I'm about to say has to do with your wife and cousin." Edward's face immediately showed confusion. "Cousin? What do you mean? Come on Samuel, don't be half-hearted. You make me curious. Just so you know, I hate people who give half-assed information like this." Instantly Samuel knew that Edward was very curious about what information he would convey.
  • A little nervous, he lifted his face and began to tell about the reason that brought him to the AlphaBeta building. "Yeah ... it's about your cousin, Mr. Roland Dimitri who suddenly asked Mrs. Chloe to cooperate. He even offered a lot of advantages if ---" "Wait a minute," Edward interrupted hastily. "You mean, Roland Dimitri purposely ran into Chloe?" Samuel nodded confidently. He thought all he had to tell today. "Not just once. In fact, I think more than twice. And the topic of conversation is always the same. I don't know how it started, but Mr. Roland mentioned that Chloe and he had the same goal." Edward smiled wryly. He knew that Roland didn't like him. He had done a lot of messing up to undermine Edward's credibility. Unfortunately, so far, it always fails. And now, suddenly, the man approached his wife. How dare that bastard! "But Chloe turned down Roland's offer, right?" Samuel grimaced. Unfortunately, he couldn't tell whether Chloe agreed or rejected the invitation that Roland had offered a while ago. "It is with great regret that I cannot confirm this, Mister." Samuel's face darkened. There is regret drawn there. "That's why, I came to see you, to be careful." Edward nodded in understanding. Not to mention responding, Samuel resumed his conversation. "Really, I just don't want Mrs. Chloe to get into too much trouble. She's had enough trouble these years." Edward pulled his face away. One man's eyebrows rose to hear what Samuel had just said. Yes, he was curious now. "What exactly is Chloe's problem with? Seriously, that woman has intrigued me all along." Samuel closed his eyes for a moment. Considering, did she need to tell Edward everything without exception? Reveals the reason that made Chloe so hated the man in front of her. "For God's sake, I don't know where to start. But I'll try to tell you the gist of it all." Samuel took several deep breaths to reduce the nervousness that had hit him.
  • Convince yourself that his actions are suitable and appropriate. "Meeting you and Mrs Chloe was no accident, Mister." "What?!" Samuel repeatedly nodded rhythmically. "Mrs Chloe set you up on purpose, screwed you some time ago." Edward sharpened his ears. Digest the words that came out of his wife's assistant's lips one by one. "So you're saying it was all planned? But what for?" he asked in surprise. Samuel was seen reaching for his cellphone from the pocket of the jacket. Swiping the screen opens the gallery. It shows one picture for Edward to see. "First of all, sorry if I'm being so presumptuous. But may I ask. Does Mister know the woman in this photo?" Edward turned his face forward. Look carefully at the object of the picture that Samuel showed. Instead, he shook his head over and over again. "Sorry, but I don't know," he said steadily without hesitation. Once again, Samuel looked reassured. Replace photo objects with other images. "Take a good look at this woman." Edward complied. Bringing his eyes scanned every picture that Samuel showed. There was again he shook his head. "For God's sake, Sam. I don't know who this woman is. I've never seen her." Samuel stared intently at Edward's face. The look in the man's eyes indeed illustrates that he doesn't seem to know who the woman in the photo is. "I also believe that Mister is not involved in this matter," Samuel said quietly, making Edward wonder even more. "Gosh, Sam!" he exclaimed. "I told you, I hate people who tell half stories like this." Samuel nodded in understanding. He took a deep breath before finally speaking again. "This..." he pointed at the image of a woman on his cellphone screen. "Nathalie Arley. Mrs Chloe's older sister." Edward nodded too. "Then what does Brother Chloe have to do with me?" Now it was Samuel's turn to sigh in frustration. What had been thought all along seemed genuine was that Edward wasn't the man who caused Nathalie's death. Samuel could conclude from his movements alone that Edward was being honest with his confession. "So..." Samuel paused for a moment. I don't know how many times he took a deep breath before continuing the story. "Mrs Nathalie died a few years ago. At the end of her death. She asked Mrs Chloe to find a man. I don't know what her intentions were. But Mrs Chloe believes that the man she is looking for is the person behind her sister's death." Edward knit his brows together. "Don't tell me Chloe is accusing me of causing her sister's death?" Samuel reassured himself. Ready or not, he was determined to tell what he had known. Everything was done based on wanting to protect Chloe from big trouble. Yes, Samuel had to move fast. Then many people are harmed by this baseless accusation. "Unfortunately, you guessed right. The man Mrs Nathalie suspects is you, Mister." Edward gasped in surprise. The information that Samuel conveyed this time left him almost speechless. "How is it me? And I've never even known Nathalie myself." "I doubt it too, Mister," replied Samuel. "But . . . when Mrs Chloe checked her sister's bag, she found a business card and a handkerchief with your name on it." Samuel grabbed his cellphone again, looked for a photo of something and then showed it to Edward again. "Luckily, I got a photo of it. It's the handkerchief in Mrs Nathalie's bag and has Your Name stamped on the end." Edward took a deep breath. Trying to remember whether he had known or met Nathalie before. "But, for God's sake, for my parent's sake, I don't know the woman in this photo, Sam. I also don't know why my business card and handkerchief are on her." Samuel and Edward both chose silence for a moment. Both were busy with their thoughts. "Unfortunately, Mrs Chloe already thinks you cause her sister's death. That woman vowed revenge ---" "Is that why she set me up?" continued Edward. Samuel nodded slowly. "Mrs Chloe has been following you for a long time.
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