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Chapter 91 Edwardchloe - Mother In Law

  • This afternoon, Edward deliberately came home from work earlier than usual. The tall, well-built man immediately started his car at a speed above average with a bit of haste. He was crossing the streets of London to the residence of Alexander and Liliana in the Kensington area. As is known, Edward did have an appointment with Sicily's aunt. It had been a long time since the two of them had scheduled to meet Chloe's biological mother somewhere. "So what's Mrs. Patricia's address?" Edward asked as Sicily got into his car. "First Avenue Apartments. That's where the woman lives." Edward nodded. While driving, he kept digging for information. "Auntie have known Mrs. Patricia for a long time? Or are you two related by blood?" "No…" Sicily shook her head. "Back then I met accidentally. I got to know and finally got close. Until finally I found out that Patricia had been looking for her child's whereabouts, whether they still lived in the orphanage or had been picked up by her biological father:" "Yes," said Edward. "I also know about Chloe's problem, who was placed in an orphanage by her father's extended family." "Oh yes?" Sicily responded. "As Auntie has heard, I did order people to find information on everything, the ins and outs related to Chloe, including her birth mother. Miss Patricia looking for?" Sicily immediately turned to Edward, who was busy driving. "First from her name. Patricia once told her child's full name. Second, by birthmark." Edward glanced over. "Birthmark?" "Yes, sir," Sicily replied. "During the barbeque at your mother's house, I accidentally saw a birthmark on Mrs. Chloe's elbow. And the features are exactly the same as what Patricia has described. From that I believe that your wife is indeed the Chloe who has been looking for. talking more, Edward immediately accelerated his vehicle to his destination. He couldn't wait to meet and ask his mother-in-law who his wife had been looking for so long. Luckily the streets of London weekend were not too busy. Edward was able to get there. destination was exactly 25 minutes as Sicily had previously estimated. "Come on, sir," Sicily said. "Patricia's unit is on the fifth floor." Edward followed Sicily's floor leading him to enter the Apartment building to the unit where Patricia lived. When they both arrived , Sicily immediately knocked on the door. There was a pause for a while, until finally there was a woman who was aged but still looked so beautiful who came to me open the apartment unit door. "Sicily..." the woman said politely. "Patricia…" Sicily replied. "May I come in? I have something to tell you." Patricia nodded then invited Sicily and Edward to come in and immediately sat on the guest chairs. The woman flashed a friendly smile. Even though she was no longer young, her aura of beauty didn't fade in the slightest from her face. It had crossed Edward's mind, maybe Chloe was so beautiful as she is now because she was passed down from her mother. Not wanting to waste much time, Sicily immediately conveyed the purpose of her arrival this afternoon. "Sorry to interrupt your little time. I just wanted to introduce you to this man." Sicily's gaze shifted to Edward. He brought his hand to gently pat the man's sturdy shoulder. "This is Edward Martin. He's the husband of Chloe Arley, who is your youngest daughter." Patricia froze. Bringing her eyes scanned Edward's appearance from head to toe. There was a look of surprise etched on the woman's beautiful face. "Chloe's husband?" he repeated curiously. "Have you found out where my daughter is?" Sicily nodded. "Praise God, your prayers have finally been answered," he said gratefully and then explained again. "So, this Mr Edward is the son of Mr Alexander Edgar Martin and Mrs Liliana Rose, who happen to be the employer where I work.
  • Lucky once again, it turns out that Mr Edward married your daughter a while ago." Patricia's gaze shifted to Edward. She looked into the man's face. His expression was mixed. Not sure whether to show joy or surprise. "So... you're my son-in-law?" Edward smiled politely. He leaned forward a little to land a warm hug on Patricia. "Yes, I'm your son-in-law, the husband of Chloe Arley. It's great to find you here, Ma, finally." Patricia gasped at the word 'Ma' that escaped Edward's lips effortlessly. The first impression she got of her daughter-in-law was so polite and friendly. "I didn't expect to meet you. But…" The woman paused for a moment. She glanced at Sicily while muttering. "Chloe doesn't know about this matter. You didn't tell her where I was, did you?" Edward smiled once more. "Chloe doesn't know anything about this. As Aunt Sicily ordered, I keep this information confidential." Patria breathed a sigh of relief. There was a reason she asked Sicily to hide her whereabouts. "It's not yet time for my son to know where his mother is." This time Edward frowned in surprise. had to keep this happy news a secret from Chloe. In fact, from Samuel he knew that Chloe and Nathalie had been looking for their mother for a long time. "If I may know, why can't Chloe know where Mama is?" "It's a long story," said the woman. "But I'll tell you a little bit about it to understand why I have to keep this all a secret. Even had to keep hiding for years." "Hide?" Edward was even more surprised. Patricia nodded. "I and Dylan or Chloe's father were not approved by their parents. Maybe it's because I'm not rich or noble like them. When Nathalie and Chloe were born, we were separated. I heard that my two children were even put in an orphanage." Patricia told the story with tears in her eyes. It hurts her heart when she remembers what happened in the past that happened to her little family. "I was even banished outside of London. Luckily one of Mrs Victoria's compassionate Bodyguards didn't kill me as ordered. Chose to release but on the condition that I don't come to the surface of my life will be taken in return." "Jesus!" Edward shouted loudly involuntarily. There was an annoyed tone mixed with sadness at his mother-in-law's story. "Had lived in Milan, Italy for many years. I've been back in London for the past three years. I was adrift because I didn't have much money. I accidentally met Sicily." Patricia looked back at Sicily. She grabbed the woman's wrist and held it tightly. "She helped me. Could you give me a lift to live in his apartment? Even now, I'm kind enough to rent out a different unit so I can be more flexible. I don't know how to respond." "Then why don't you go see Chloe? Or Mr Dylan?" Edward asked. "I think they can help and protect you as they should." Patricia shook her head. "No... it's not that easy, son. I was worried that my appearance could put the lives of Nathalie and Chloe in danger. I don't want my children to fall prey to Victoria's men." "But Mrs Victoria is long dead, Ma." "Unfortunately, even though the old madam has rotted away and even merged with the ground, her people are still after me. Before I breathed my last, it was said that Victoria knew that I had not died as long as I thought. That's why he keeps telling his confidants to keep chasing me. Make sure I died at their hands." Edward gasped at this fact. Until the man unconsciously spoke quietly. "Really?" Patricia nodded her head. "Last year, when I was trying to find where Nathalie and Chloe were, there was a group of people from somewhere else. Where it came from suddenly chased and even tried to catch me.
  • For God's sake, I almost got caught. Luckily there was someone who helped me so that I was finally able to save myself. This is what causes me not to be able to search for my two children freely." "Oh my God..." Edward muttered quietly. It was not easy being Patricia's figure. She was separated from his two biological children. He kidnapped and even tried to kill, and now, he can't breathe a sigh of relief for the rest of his life because his life is still being targeted. "I can help you, Ma," Edward said aloud. So sure of what he was saying. "I will take you to my house to meet Chloe. I'll make sure that nothing will hurt you." Patricia laughed bitterly. She was hesitating about what Edward had to offer. "Now, I don't care about my life. It's just that if I run into Nathalie and Chloe, they could be in danger. I don't want my two kids to get hurt." "Wait a minute..." Edward interrupted. "Nathalie? Don't you know anything about Nathalie at all?" Patricia knit her brows. "What's wrong with Nathalie? She's all right, isn't she?" Edward took a deep breath. Was it true that he thought his father-in-law didn't know anything about his eldest child? Then, how could Edward tell Patricia now without hurting her? "I don't have any authority to notify you about this news. But, I think Mama also needs to know that Nathalie died a few years ago." Patricia gasped in shock. Unable to stop, tears immediately rolled down her cheeks. Years apart. When she had the chance to meet, she had to accept the bitter news that his eldest child was no longer in this world. "You're joking, son." Edward shook his head slowly. "For God's sake, I never joke about someone's life." "But why did Nathalie die? Is he sick? Accident? Or is something bad happening to her?" Patricia sobbed. Edward took a deep breath. It was impossible to tell what happened to his mother-in-law when she was in shock. Besides, he couldn't confirm the cause of Chloe's older sister's death. "It's a long story, Ma. But I promise I will tell you everything when Mama's condition is much better than now." Sicily, who had been silent all this time, chose to come closer. He grabbed Patricia's shoulders and hugged her tightly. Trying to calm her from the sadness she was feeling. "Be patient. Maybe it's destiny from God." "Right, Mom." Edward chimed in. "That's why, since there's still a chance to see Chloe, why do you have to run away again? I promise to take care of both of you." Patricia wiped the tears that were still falling down her cheeks. She took several deep breaths in response to Edward's offer. "Okay, I'll comply with your request. But, give me some time first. Maybe you can pick me up next week." Edward nodded in agreement. The smile returned to his lips. At least now he has a card he can use to meet Chloe's heart in the future. **** "Chloe Arley, why are you so hard to find? Do you want to play with me?" This afternoon, Roland Dimitri had visited the Arley family's hotel at lunchtime. The man walked casually into Chloe's study while protesting. Since the night when Edward suddenly became ill, Chloe indeed never contacted the man again. Not without reason. He didn't want Edward to be suspicious of any behaviour he caused. Moreover, Roland always asked to meet at night. "Sir, can you be a little polite?" he immediately got up from his seat in the room. He was very annoyed to see Roland's behaviour which he felt did not show a polite attitude towards a woman. "Sam..." Chloe scolded. The woman pointed her right hand, telling the assistant to sit back down. "Actually, what do you want to talk to me about?" Chloe narrowed one eye. "I can't go around seeing you, which would raise suspicion." "Tsk!" Roland stood up. Scrambled.
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