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Chapter 96 Edwardchloe - Akward Moment

  • Countless cups of warm chamomile tea Samuel handed Chloe this morning. Since arriving at the hotel and entering the room, the woman has complained of slight dizziness and pain in her stomach. Either because of lack of rest or maybe because of stress, these few days are filled with problems that don't stop hitting. Samuel had repeatedly advised Chloe to see a doctor. But, as everyone knows, that woman is stubborn. He didn't listen to any of his assistant's suggestions. "Stop babbling, Sam. You make me dizzy," the woman complained as she continued to massage her forehead, which was throbbing in pain gently. "I'm just worried, madam." Samuel defended himself. It was his job to keep the woman so that nothing terrible happened. "Madam hasn't even had breakfast yet, has she?" Chloe shook her head weakly. "I had no appetite." "Why?" Samuel looked up. Move to sit closer to the boss. "Are you still thinking about Mr. Edward?" Chloe took a deep breath. Honestly, he missed that jerk. Why did Edward leave her at a time like this? But it's also wrong to have played with the man. "Do I still have the right to think about it?" Samuel smiled and nodded. "Why not? His status until now is still your husband." "But Edward won't see me, Sam. You heard that the man wanted to end our marriage." Chloe lowered her head weakly. A streak of regret was visible on her beautiful face—no more arrogant impression there. There is only sadness and guilt so deep. "I know that what I've done so far has disappointed him. But can't he just give me one more chance?" Without feeling the tears fall on Chloe's cheeks. He didn't think that he was the one who felt this pain in the end. The heart intended to make Edward suffer, even though he now felt the pain so deep. "I think Mrs. is really in love with Mr. Edward now," joked Samuel. "See your husband right away. Tell the lady that he loves her." Chloe closed her eyes for a moment. Samuel's words are true. Maybe now, the feelings of hatred that he used to cultivate have turned into deep love. Dissolved into silence, the dizziness hit Chloe again. Rising from sitting, the woman immediately ran to the toilet. Nausea which also attacked her stomach, could not help but cause the woman to vomit repeatedly. The panicked Samuel immediately followed. He was leading Chloe to sit on the guest sofa directly. In the next second, he again handed me a warm drink so that nausea that hit gradually disappeared. "Madam, I'm taking you home right now. This can't go on." "I'm fine, Sam." "In fact, you have vomited more than two times." Samuel argued. Very worried about the condition of the boss. "Or maybe you're pregnant?" Chloe giggled reflexively. "There's no way I'm pregnant. Every time I have sex, I always take contraceptive pills." Samuel narrowed his eyes. "No one knows, Madam. If God wants you to get pregnant, who can stop it." "But that's impossible---" "Madam..." Samuel interrupted. "Want me to take you to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test? After that, I'll take you home." Chloe was silent for a moment. The woman did not immediately answer. Which finally made Samuel ask again. "How?" The man got up. He grabbed Chloe's briefcase from the table and carried it. Back to Chloe, then gently tugged the woman's wrist. "Let's go home. This time there's no refusal." Chloe couldn't help but obey. I followed Samuel's steps toward the lobby. **** Chloe was pensive. After returning from the hotel, Samuel took him to stop first at one of the famous pharmacies in the middle of the city. A little reluctant, he finally bought a pregnancy test and only five minutes ago tried it after taking a shower. Chloe couldn't help but be silent. Enjoy the silence as if you still need time to feel the situation. The sight he had just seen made him not stop repeating that one sentence repeatedly. "I'm pregnant..." Chloe cupped her face with both hands. "I'm pregnant..." I don't know how many times he had repeated that sentence. One fact that he could not deny the truth. But on the other hand, it keeps asking itself how a prospective baby can be residing in her womb. Should he consider this happy news? Or vice versa, bad news, feeling Edward, who soon wanted to end their marriage. "No..." Chloe kept shaking her head.
  • "My child should not be born without complete parents. I don't want him to have the same fate as mine." Chloe kept saying those words. "I have to do something. Edward needs to know about this." Chloe hurriedly got dressed. He grabbed his shopper bag in the closet and asked the driver to take him to Edward's apartment immediately. She has made up her mind to tell her husband about the situation she is currently experiencing. No, she should not be separated from that man in her mind. Whatever happens, they can't get a divorce. Fifteen minutes of driving, Chloe's car finally arrived in the courtyard of the apartment where Edward lived. He immediately brought his feet to the man's unit. Knock several times until the person you are looking for opens the door. "What do you want to see me?" Not a warm welcome, but a curt greeting that Edward showed Noami openly. There was no longer the gentle and adoring demeanour the man used to display. Everything seemed to disappear, replaced by hatred. "Ed... I have something to tell you." Edward nodded. "Please talk. I don't have much time." Chloe took a deep breath. He had to be patient with Edward, who turned to hate him. "You won't let me in first?" Edward smiled mockingly. A moment later, the man shook his head repeatedly. "No . . . You don't have to come into my apartment. Just say it here. When you're done, you can leave." "Ed---" "Chloe!" Edward cut in. "I'll make it clear that you don't have much time. I still have a lot of work to do." Chloe swallowed back all the words she wanted to say. He reached out, grabbed something from his bag and handed it to Edward. "I want to hand this over." Edward's eyebrows shot up in response to Chloe's words. "Flash disk? For what?" "It has a copy of an important project document you're working on. I know you'll need it by now." Edward smiled then brushed off Chloe's gift. "I'm sorry. But I don't need it. I'm not as stupid as you think, honey. Before the document was lost, I had the file neatly stored elsewhere. So thank you. But you don't have to bother here to hand over this insignificant thing." Chloe couldn't help but be silent. But he can't give up. The second time, the woman reached into something from her bag. A little hesitant, but finally got up the courage to show it to Edward. "I'm pregnant..." the woman said softly as she handed her husband a pregnancy test. Edward was silent for a moment. His eyes fixed on Chloe's face, which was downcast sadly. "Then?" he said. "If you are pregnant, what do you want? Ask me for an answer?" The man's eyes narrowed. "Didn't you want to have children from me?" "Ed... please." Chloe took a step forward. He grabbed Edward's wrist and held it tightly. "What can I do to get you to forgive me?" Edward chuckled. "Ask your little heart. What should you do so I can forgive you." Edward then backed away, tugging at her wrist. Get ready to enter his apartment unit. "I don't think we need to talk anymore. And remember! Don't meet me until you can figure out how I can forgive you." Edward closed the door. Meanwhile, Chloe was crying as she walked back to the car. "You're going too far, Ed!" Hans, who had been listening to Edward and Chloe's argument from behind the apartment unit door, finally protested. The man had been at Edward's residence for a long time. "You think I'm not sad to do this?" Edward replied. The man rubbed his face roughly. "Then why don't you forgive me? Pity your wife is pregnant right now. She needs you as a companion. I'm sure she must be feeling so sad." Edward nodded. "I know, Hans. I even want to hug and kiss him. Saying I'm so happy to hear that he's pregnant with my child. But you also need to know, all this I did to teach him a little lesson." "But, Ed---" "Relax, Hans. It won't last long." Edward argued. "It's Chloe's birthday this Saturday, and I'm going to meet her and meet her with the mother she's been looking for." Hans lightly tapped his forehead. "Gosh, I almost forgot that you haven't met Patricia with him yet." "Yes..." Edward nodded. "Should have been a few days ago.
  • But you know for yourself that I'm in trouble. Even Roland hasn't been found until now." Hans nodded slowly. "I've mobilized everyone to look for Roland all over England. I'm sure your cousin will be caught soon." "I entrust everything to you," Edward said. "But by the way," he continued. "About the diary. Where exactly did you find that thing? Samuel once told me that he had searched every corner of the room but couldn't find any clue where he was." Hans laughed heartily. For him, what in this world he couldn't solve. know, where does Nathalie keep her diary?" "Where?" Edward looked very curious to know. "In the draw partition, or in the row of cupboards that store cooking spices. I don't know what Nathalie's motives were for keeping that thing there." "That's crazy!" Edward exclaimed. "I didn't even think to look there. But you're great, Hans. Thanks to your instincts, these problems can be solved one by one." This time Hans nodded. The man tidied up the folders on the table that he had brought with him earlier—prepared to leave because it was getting late. "Roland Dimitri's left for me to finish. But you take it easy. Even if that guy hides in a mouse hole once." **** This afternoon, for the umpteenth time, Samuel found Chloe in a state of chaos. The woman's eyes were puffy, indicating she had been crying too much. Not only that, her cheeks and nose were also still blushing. I don't know what else she was crying about last night. Samuel also asked his beautiful boss to calm down. Instead of going to work, it's better to rest at home until he's better than he is now. It could be dangerous if Mr Dylan arrives. caught Chloe in her current state of chaos. "Madam..." he called. "What should I do to make Madam stop crying? Take a look at the trash can next to you?" The man pointed. "There are so many tissues lying around there. How much do you want, Madame, to throw away tissues to wipe away the tears that keep falling?" Chloe shook her head. She struggled to calm herself down so she could stop the tears that kept running down her cheeks. "I'm pregnant, Sam," she said quietly. "And Edward didn't care. "Oh my..." Samuel exclaimed. He was quite surprised by this fact. "So Madam is pregnant as I thought?" Chloe nodded weakly. "What should I do? Should I remove this baby from my womb?" "Madam!" Samuel's voice rose. He didn't like it. "Don't be crazy! The baby deserves to live." "But for what?" Chloe argued. "The father just doesn't care." Chloe wiped away the remaining tears again. "No, madam..." Samuel shook his head. "I'm sure Mr Edward wanted the child. It's just. Madame needs to be patient a little more." "I don't know, Sam," Chloe replied. "I can't be sure how long I can continue to be patient." At the same time, Chloe's study door was knocked on. A room boy came in and said something to the woman. "During the afternoon, Madam. Sorry to interrupt the time. I want to convey that someone is looking for and waiting for you in the hotel lobby." Chloe frowned in surprise. Who was looking for her this afternoon? Even if friends or relatives usually contacted Chloe directly via phone. "Who's looking for me?" "I don't know, but it seems very important." Chloe first wiped the remaining tears on her face. The woman then got up. Followed by Samuel, they walked straight to the lobby. And yes, a well-dressed man was waiting. "Sorry, what were you looking for?" Chloe asked politely. But, judging by the man's badge, he seemed to know where this guest had come from. "Excuse me, Mrs Chloe. I'm Alfredo, driver of AlphaBeta Corporation. I've been ordered to pick you up and take you right now." Chloe and Samuel were in unison. "Bring me?" he asked with certainty. "Where?" "I have to take you to the hospital. Mr Edward had an accident and needs you right now." Chloe gasped. Of course, she was shocked to hear this news. "Sam, I have to go to the hospital first. Then you just follow me there. Maybe Edward needs me." Samuel nodded. "Okay. When you arrive, just let me know where the Madam is." Chloe followed Alfredo's steps towards the car. She was moving quickly to follow Edward quickly.
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