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Chapter 78 EdwardChloe -Shocked

  • Chloe was shocked when she opened her eyes to find Edward fast asleep next to her. Not lying down, but sitting right next to the nightstand. The man's head was left resting on his left hand. At the same time, his right hand gripped Chloe's fingers tightly. Slowly, he tried to let go of Edward's hand. But instead of letting go, the man woke up feeling Chloe's movement. "Are you awake?" he asked. "How are you feeling now?" There was a tinge of worry in Edward's question. "I'm fine," Chloe replied coldly. Maybe you are still dizzy due to the side effects of the drugs injected into your body. But before long, the woman's eyes flashed sharply. She looked at Edward questioningly. "Who changed my clothes?" Edward casually replied. "Of course I am. Who else? There's no way I'd have Samuel or the driver at my house take his place." "You!" Chloe shouted. "How dare you take off my clothes!" Edward shook his head. Feel sorry for the condition of his wife. But refraining from laughing, let alone seeing Chloe, who was angry like now, apparently something difficult. "Dear Chloe... What if I change your clothes? I've seen your bare body more than once. I've touched it. So what's there to worry about? After all, I'm your husband." What Edward said was true. Even Chloe herself deliberately showed every inch of her body. So why is it a problem now? Chloe couldn't help but snort in annoyance. Lazy to prolong the matter, the woman changed the topic of conversation. "Then why are you still at home? Aren't you going to work?" he continued, a little surprised. The woman's eyes turned to the digital clock neatly displayed on the nightstand. "It's eight o'clock. You should be in the office at this hour, right?" Edward straightened up. Stretch your muscles and get up from your seat. "I decided not to come to work today. I want to make sure that your health condition is getting better as before." "Tsk! You're exaggerating." Chloe smiled blandly. He was even belittling. "I'm fine. Besides, whether you want to work, it doesn't matter one bit to me, Ed." Edward approached. As usual, the man, without permission, gave a brief kiss on his wife's forehead. As has become a habit now. "I take a shower first. After that, I will prepare breakfast for you. It's up to you whether it affects you or not. For sure, I will take care of you today." "No U---" Edward had already turned around. Choose to go straight to the bathroom. She was ignoring Chloe, who was ready to protest at him. Arghhh. What does this man want! Dispelling the boredom that hit, Chloe chose to watch tv—ignoring Edward, who soon came out of the bathroom and went straight to the first floor. I don't know what he's going to do down there. Thirty minutes passed, Edward returned. Bring a portable tray containing various food, from snacks, fruit, cakes, to special heavy meals for Chloe. "You have to have breakfast first. After that, take your medicine and rest," Edward ordered. He then put the portable tray he brought on the bed. Reaching for plates and spoons intends to help feed food. "I can do it myself!" refused Chloe. "Shhh ..." Edward immediately hissed. "Could you not argue? Be an obedient woman. Or I'll kiss you." Chloe pursed her lips. Refrain from cursing openly at the man in front of him. Chose resignedly to accept the bribe after the mouthful that Edward offered until the given food was gone. "Now it's time for the medicine." Edward handed Chloe some medicine tablets to drink. "After this, you should go back to rest." "Ed..." Chloe scolded. "I have a fever.
  • Not sick. Please don't overdo it. You treat me like someone who wants to die!" Edward chuckled softly. But before he could reply, there was a knock on the bedroom door. Hurriedly, the man asked whoever was outside the room to come in immediately. "Sorry, Mr Edwards. There's an assistant you want to meet. It seems very important." "Just tell Nicholas to come in to see me," the man ordered. Leta nodded politely. Before leaving, the woman first took the portable tray that was on the bed. She took him outside and then told Nicholas to go straight to Edward at the bedside. "Good afternoon, Mister," Nicholas greeted kindly. "I brought some files that you need to check." Nicholas then handed Edward a pile of blue folders. Your absence is in the building review process." Nicholas again gave information. According to the schedule he had previously arranged, Edward had to check the building today. "Then... have you told them the reason I wasn't here today?" Nicholas nodded. "Yes. They understand the condition your wife is going through. They even sent some special gifts for Mrs. Chloe. I've put everything on the living room table." Edward smiled with relief. That meant he didn't have to worry because the contractor could understand the conditions that prevented him from visiting today. "And . . . Mister," Nicholas continued. Forget if the day after tomorrow you have to go to Turkey. You can't be represented for this one, especially until you cancel it." "Yes, I know. You take it easy. I can take care of everything." Edward then handed back the documents he had received and signed. After everything was finished, it was Nicholas' turn to leave Edward's residence. **** "Where are you going?" Edward asked when he saw Chloe. who got out of bed. "Dinner," the woman said curtly. Then slowly stood up. Dragging her feet slowly. Intending to go out of the room. "Wait," said Edward. "You can eat in your room. Why bother going down to the dining room?" Chloe didn't care. The woman just kept walking out. While Edward could only grimace. Decided to follow his wife's steps until they both reached the dining room. Swiftly, Edward helped pull a chair. to sit down immediately. "Want me to help get the food?" "No need," said Chloe quickly. The woman chose to take her own food. Started bribing it. Enjoying every bite that came into her mouth. Finished enjoying her dinner, Chloe decided to went straight back to the room. Unfortunately, when climbing the stairs, the woman lost her balance. Luckily Edward was right behind her. The man, of course, immediately got up. He took his wife's body and took her to hurry back to the room. "I told you. You haven't fully recovered yet. Why is it so hard for you to obey?" Chloe chose to remain silent. Deep down she knew that she was wrong. But it was very proud to have to apologize and justify Edward's words. The man's head could grow up later. "Now, you better sleep." his position was standing, immediately pulled the blanket and covered Chloe's entire body. A moment later, the man's hand reached out to hold his wife's forehead. Confirmed again whether the woman's body temperature returned to heat or vice versa. ! I'm fine." It was Edward's turn who didn't answer. After changing his clothes into sleeping pyjamas, the man walked slowly towards the bed. Crawled up and got into the blanket. The white man immediately grabbed Chloe's body, pulling the woman to get into his arms without permission. "EDWARD!" Chloe protested. "What are you doing hugging me like this!" Chloe wouldn't be her name if she didn't protest. "Of course I'm helping you warm up. I you're numb? You sure feel cold now!" Before Chloe had time to reply, Edward started babbling again at length. "Now go to sleep. Just enjoy your break. Calm down, only tonight I held you in my sleep." In Edward's arms, Chloe replied. "What do you mean?" "You heard it yourself, didn't you? I have to leave for Turkey in the near future. And unfortunately because you're sick, I can't take you with me." Chloe unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, she didn't have to find excuses not to go with Edward on a business trip.
  • As long as the man is gone, he will be free to do whatever he wants. "Now go to sleep," Edward ordered again. "You know, Chloe? For God's sake, I'm worried about your condition. I hope, before leaving for Turkey, your health improves. So that I can rest easy leaving you here alone." In Edward's arms, Chloe took a deep breath. She tries to ignore his husband's words, but it's not as easy as he thinks. For some reason, Edward's words even bothered his heart and mind. Chloe, your heart is delicate, right?
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