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Chapter 94 Edwardchloe - Heart Broken

  • "You idiot! So you called me here just to accompany you to drink?" Nicholas groaned in annoyance at what Edward had done to him. 30 minutes ago, his best friend called—giving news that he was in quite an emergency condition at a nightclub. Not wanting anything dangerous to happen, Nicholas postponed his bedtime. Immediately spur the car at high speed to the location where Edward was. However, instead of finding his best friend in an emergency. Nicholas even found Edward sitting relaxed in one of the VIP rooms. The man seemed to be sipping a few glasses of whiskey in his hand. "I need a friend, Nick. There's no way to call Jacob. That one friend of yours doesn't drink." Edward argued. The man continued to take a sip of the drink that had been provided. "Tsk!" Nicholas chuckled loudly. "Why not just call Lucas? He's a match against you!" Among Lucas, Jacob, Nicholas and Edward, who spent a lot of time at nightclubs, Lucas and Edward. They both have the same nature and hobbies. Like shooting sports, changing partners, throwing parties and having fun. Only after this marriage did Edward reduce his habit. "Lucas isn't in London. Besides, I called you on purpose. If it's like I'm drunk, you'll have to take me home." Nicholas sighed in annoyance. I hate wasting time like this. To make sure of the condition of the man in front of him, he had to leave Kimberly and Elea, who might now be fast asleep. "Why don't you just have your wife come pick you up?" Edward laughed blandly. He swallowed the rest of the whiskey in his hand, then spoke again. "Chloe and I were in an argument. So I decided to just go back to the apartment tonight." Nicholas looked up. A little gasp at the information Edward conveyed. "Why again? You caught cheating?" Edward laughed. Why does his best friend like to accuse him carelessly? Is the image that bad? "Since when have I cheated on a woman, Nick? I'm a playboy, but I've never lied to a woman I'm close to." Nicholas nodded rhythmically. "Then what's the problem, that you decided to leave the house?" Edward put down the drinking glass he had previously been holding. Unbuttoned the collar of the shirt he was wearing. Then find a comfortable sitting position. "I think this is a common problem between married couples," he said. The man's face looked relaxed as if there was no burden. Or he was deliberately hiding his sadness from Nicholas. "Let me guess..." Nicholas replied. "Chloe let you down?" The man's eyes narrowed. Indicates he needs more explanation. "You could say so," Edward replied with a nod. A long sigh slipped smoothly from Nicholas' nose. "I thought so. Chloe is not a good woman for you, Ed." "How did you come to that conclusion?" Nicholas got up. Moved closer to Edward's position. "Some time ago, when I was about to buy a cake, I saw Chloe in the same shop. Accidentally and without her knowing it, I overheard a little conversation between your wife and her assistant. In essence, she wants to make you suffer." Laughter escaped Edward's lips. Instead of worrying, the man was giggling, amused. "Oh, yes? Then did he know you were eavesdropping on their conversation?" Nicholas shook his head. "I don't think so. But, when we passed each other, I accidentally offended him." Nicholas then crossed his arms in front of his chest. "You have to be careful, Ed. From the start, I had the feeling that Chloe had other intentions when she married you." Laughter was still heard from Edward's lips. "You take it easy. I can handle anything. Besides, no one should be playing with me let alone feelings." Nicholas took a deep breath. Reaching for the glass Edward had previously placed on the table, he poured the remaining whiskey and gulped it down. He thought there was nothing to worry about if his friend had said that. **** Chloe kept on wiping the tears that kept falling down her cheeks. Her eyes almost swelled up, not to mention both of the woman's cheeks were red. He looks so confused with the current situation.
  • These days, Chloe can't even be contacted. Samuel, who was worried about the woman's condition, was willing to visit Edward's residence to make sure what had happened. Luckily his presence is still accepted. Now, in Edward's study, Samuel chose to let it go. Waiting for the boss's condition to calm down, then he asked. "Madam... How long are you going to be like this? What exactly happened?" Chloe chose to remain silent. Still drowning in the sadness that befell him. He never thought that it could be this painful. "I should have left that man. Also, he should be the one feeling the pain I'm feeling right now!" Chloe was so giddy. Mixed feelings. Anger, hate, and sadness in one. "Who do you mean, madam?" asked Samuel, confused. He didn't understand what his boss was saying. "Edward..." Chloe muttered under her breath. "That man left me, Sam. He even wants to divorce me now!" Samuel was slightly taken aback by the news Chloe had just conveyed. He thought, could it be that Edward, who was so loving, suddenly divorced his wife. "But why did Mr Edward divorce you?" Chloe took several deep breaths. Trying to control the emotions that overwhelm him. "Edward accuses me of causing the failure of an important meeting he held yesterday with Emaar's side." "Wait a minute!" Samuel interrupted. "So Madam cooperated with Mr Roland sabotaging a vital AlphaBeta project?" "For God's sake, I didn't do that, Sam!" Chloe shook her head repeatedly. "Roland did give me a choice between deleting the meeting presentation file or inserting a virus into Edward's laptop." "And Madame did?" Instead of answering, Chloe sobbed again. This behaviour made Samuel even more confused. "Madam..." he called. "Is it true, madam, who caused the chaos in Mr Edward's company?" Once again, the man repeated his question. "I did want Edward destroyed, Sam. But really, I wasn't the one who caused the mess." Samuel frowned. "For God's sake, I don't understand this conversation." Chloe took a deep breath. Trying to stop her crying, the woman slowly explained. "Initially, I thought carefully about deleting all the files on Edward's laptop before he left for work yesterday. But, for some reason, I feel like I can't do it." "So, Madame didn't do it?" Once again, Chloe shook her head weakly. "The thing is, I even made a copy of his important files onto the flash drive. If Roland asks someone else, I'm afraid I can help Edward give me a copy I have saved," said the woman. "The proof is, chaos still happens, right? That means Roland ordered me, and someone else was involved in this matter," he continued later. Samuel nodded in understanding. "But I'm sorry in advance, how could you change your mind? Wasn't it Mr Edward's destruction that Madam hoped for?" Chloe took a deep breath, and her shoulders lifted dramatically. He was also confused why he suddenly became a weak figure. Has the feeling of love penetrated him? "I don't know. I feel like what I did was wrong, Sam. Unfortunately, Edward didn't give me a chance to explain everything." "Oh my..." Samuel sighed softly. Feeling sorry for the boss now too. "Could it be that you're starting to fall in love with Mr Edward?" Chloe was pensive. He wasn't sure how he felt this time either. One question that often crossed her mind lately, could she love Edward? "Do you think Edward deserves me?" Chloe asked. "Should I put aside the fact that he was the cause of my sister's death to smooth the feelings of love that I feel is growing too late?" "Madam..." Samuel responded. "It's never too late to talk about love. Besides, there is no evidence to date that your husband was the cause of Mrs Nathalie's death." "But, Sam---" "Handkerchiefs and Business Cards?" cut the man. Memorize it like yes with those two sacred words. "There are many things that could happen, Madam. Who knows, someone might want to set her up. I'm not even sure your husband did it myself." "But what for, Sam? Besides, why Nathalie?" Chloe kept rebutting. Meanwhile, Samuel didn't answer anymore. Chose got up, walked to the sofa, and took the bag he had brought before. Take out something inside, and then hand it over to Chloe. "Maybe it's too early to tell you, but it seems you should know as soon as possible, given the current state of affairs." Chloe raised her eyebrows. The woman reached for the map that Samuel had handed her without saying much. Start looking and then read sheet after sheet of paper that is there. Quite surprised to find the actual reality is difficult to accept common sense. "This is impossible," he said quietly. "Besides, where did you get all this from?" Samuel straightened his back. Staring sharply at Chloe. "I'm sorry, Madam. Maybe I was presumptuous to tell Mr Edward about your suspicions all along. From the first time I met your husband, I was sure he wasn't the culprit. That's why I ventured to tell him all about it." Chloe rolled her eyes. "So Edward knows I've been trapping him all along? Does that mean he knows I'm trying to destroy him?" Samuel nodded regretfully. "Again, I apologize, Madam.
  • Because of that, Mr Edward provided all the supporting data to prove that he was not the cause of your brother's death." Chloe shook her head "But Edward could have made this all up, Sam. He could have arranged everything so that he could escape the law!" Samuel disagreed with Chloe's accusation this time. Hurriedly, the man took out his cellphone. He gave it to Chloe, so that the woman would see what he was showing. and the CCTV footage of the hotel where Mr. Edward is staying over." Chloe complied. He was bringing her eyes to the video display in front of her. "It clearly states the date and time when Mr. Edward was having a party. This proves that your husband was not in England when Mrs. Nathalie was so badly injured that she was rushed to the hospital." Chloe's eyes closed. She seemed so seriously listening to Samuel's explanation. After a moment, she looked up. before his eyes. "Then who caused Nathalie to die, Sam? Who!" Samuel took a deep breath. He was trying to be as calm as possible to provide understanding. "Mr. Edward had promised to help investigate who was behind this case. He even vowed to do whatever it took to prove that he wasn't in the least bit involved as you allege." "Oh my..." Chloe's breath hitched at this fact. She had to come to terms with the fact that this man had been wrong. "I have to see Edward!" Chloe got up from her seat. With a bit of stagger, the woman tried to grab the coat draped on the sofa and put it on. "Madam, it's getting late. "Prevent Samuel. "You can see Mr. Edward is in his office tomorrow." Chloe rejected Samuel's suggestion. The woman had grabbed a clutch from the cupboard. Prepared to leave immediately. "But I have to see Edward right now!" "No madam!" Samuel approached. went a little out of the room. "You may see Mr. Edward any time, but not tonight. Your situation is so messed up right now. Tomorrow, I promise to take you to his office. Now, better get some rest." Samuel slowly led Chloe back to sit on the sofa. Luckily the woman finally complied. He agreed to her assistant's offer to see Edward the next day. **** It was just nine o'clock in the morning. Edward, who At first was busy, suddenly stopped his work when he heard a commotion right in front of the room. When he wanted to confirm, Arianna seemed to enter without knocking again, followed by Chloe, who insisted on coming because she wanted to meet her husband. "What's this, Arianna?" Edward. "Sorry, Mister. I have forbidden your wife to enter. But he insisted and tried to keep breaking through like now." Edward put down the pen he was holding earlier. He leaned back against the chair. Then responded to what Arianna had told him. "Leave it alone. Now leave us alone." Arianna complied. The woman immediately stepped out. Leaving Chloe and Edward alone in the room. "What do you want?" The man's voice was cold—a far cry from the usual Edward. "Ed, we need to talk. I'm pretty sure you misunderstood." Edward shook his head. "There's no need for us to talk anymore, Chloe. Our relationship is over." "But you need to know that I'm not what you're accusing me of." Edward laughed openly sarcastically. He was intrigued by what he'd just heard. "Oh, huh? Then what about my fate before?" "What happened to you?" Chloe repeated. "Oh dear, Chloe." Edward sighed softly. "Don't pretend you forgot. What about me that you previously accused of doing things that I didn't do at all? You even set a trap and wanted to destroy me, didn't you?" Chloe felt as if she had been slapped by reality. Back then, she had dark eyes accusing Edward. And now, the man was replying. "I know I've been judging you all this time. But really, I'm not what you're accusing me of." Edward laughed. His face didn't look sad at all. It was a far cry from Chloe's. "Unfortunately I don't care anymore. After all, I have made up my mind to end our marriage." "Ed... I beg you..." Chloe continued to beg. At the same time, Edward continued to ignore his wife's pleas. However, there was another knock on the door in the middle of their conversation.
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