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Chapter 76 EdwardChloe - Panic Attack

  • It was just seven in the morning. But Edward looks like he's awake even though it's Sunday. The man lifted the blanket, kissed Chloe's cheek, who was still asleep, then got up from his sleep. Inched down slowly, a moment later rushed to go to the bathroom immediately. It took him a long time to get ready. After getting dressed neatly, he walked back to the bed. He pulled up a small chair, then sat not far from where Chloe was lying. Edward's hand reached out, revealing a strand of hair that covered his wife's cheek. Caressed gently while whispering the woman's name. "Chloe ... wake up," he ordered. "Wake up, honey." The awakened blinked his eyes repeatedly. She was gathering consciousness until his eyes opened completely.
  • With a lazy groan, Chloe replied. "What do you want to wake me up so early?" he protested. Then re-tighten the blanket. He was deliberately covering his face. "It's a holiday. Can't I rest easy?" Edward approached. He was carrying his right hand, stroking Chloe's hair. Then slowly tried to lower the blanket covering the woman's face. "Today I'm going to shoot and then after that I'm going to a barbeque that Mama is holding privately. So---" "Jesus ..." Chloe interrupted her husband's words. "Am I obligated to come along?" Edward nodded rhythmically. "Of course. As my wife, you must come. It's impossible for me to go alone or with other women. What will my friends say." Chloe sighed heavily. For whatever reason, his life is getting more and more restless. Edward wanted so much. Just last night, she had to follow him to a dinner party. And now? On her day off, Chloe has to give up her leisure time to accompany her husband to exercise and then go to his parents' house. "Now, hurry up and take a shower. Or shall I carry you to the bathroom?" Damn it! Why would I marry a pushy man like this? Chloe cursed inwardly. As before, she could only regret her decision to follow Samuel's suggestion to become the wife of Edward Cullen. Accustomed to being dominant and not being forced, this time, Chloe had to be willing to obey all the orders her husband gave her. "Chloe!" The call couldn't help but wake Chloe out of her daydream. "Looks like you really want me to carry you." So, before Chloe had time to digest the words that came out of her husband's lips, Edward had already grabbed her tiny body. He picked him up and took him to the bathroom. How will Chloe react? Of course, she was angry. She threw a few small punches on Edward's chest and arms with all her strength. She was forcing the man to put it down immediately. "Edward! Put me down now!" he cried angrily. "All right," Edward replied. The man immediately sat Chloe's body right next to the bathroom sink. "Now hurry up or I will bathe you too." If she was threatened like this, Chloe could only surrender to her husband's orders. Finished with all the preparations, Edward proved his word to bring Chloe this morning to the shooting range. Jacob and his wife were already there when they got there, namely Alma, Nicholas and Kimberly and they didn't forget Kiano and Hans. Because Chloe still looked lazy, the woman chose to sit with Alma and Kimberly. Blend in, get to know each other. "Chloe, are you all right?" said Alma while handing the drink bottle to the other person. "Your face is a little pale. Are you not getting enough sleep." Chloe accepted a drink from Alma. He smiled politely and then replied. "Looks like I didn't get enough sleep. Last night I had some work to do until late at night." "Jesus, Edward," Kimberly exclaimed. "So he forced you to come along?" Chloe nodded slowly but still smiled. "But it doesn't matter. It seems interesting to come with him today," the woman boasted even though he was furious because he had to sacrifice hours of sleep. "Chloe, you're really lucky to be married to Edward." Kimberly spoke again. As the woman who knew Edward the best, she knew very well the nature of that one man. "Edward is such a nice guy and very funny again. I had a hunch your wedding would be full of laughs. Don't you think?" Chloe grimaced. Why is the expectation that Kimberly describes is 100 per cent compared to what happens in real life?
  • Every day, his and Edward's household was coloured with coercion, protests and even fights. Even though he's self-aware that he's the one who likes to start hostilities. Edward had always appropriately behaved. But still didn't like it because he was constantly forcing her to do things she didn't like. "Yes, Nath. Among all of them, only Edward is the one who understands women's wishes the most," added Alma. "You know, that Jacob is often insensitive to my wishes ---" "Especially Nicholas!" Kimberly excitedly immediately answered Alma's words. "You know what kind of prestige and rigid Nicholas is, Al. I even protested at him often." They all then laughed, and Chloe was no exception. Hearing the two women in front of him praising Edward so highly, should he feel proud now? "But, Seriously. In the past, when I was hostile to Nicholas, the people who were most instrumental in bringing us together were Edward and Marco. He even cared so much when I was in a downturn. I think Edward really understands the figure of a woman." "Is it because he's Playboy, that's why he knows more how to make a woman comfortable?" Chloe sanctioned. What he said wasn't wrong. Kimberly giggled. "Could be. But despite his playboy status, Edward is a kind and sincere man. Again, you are really lucky to have a husband like him." "Who's lucky?" What is being blurted appears. Without awkwardness, the man approached and immediately kissed the top of Chloe's head affectionately. "Chloe ..." Kimberly said. "She's really lucky to have a husband like you." Edward flashed a smile. He was bringing his strong hands to gently stroke Chloe's brown hair. "Not Chloe, but I'm the lucky one to have a wife like her. You two know for yourself how hard it was for me to be her husband." Kimberly and Alma laughed at the same time. They both knew how frustrated Edward had been some time ago trying to get a woman who had rejected him. "Are you bored?" Edward's attention turned to his wife. "Then we can go now." Chloe shook her head. "No. There's Alma and Kimberly here. So I have a friend to chat with." Edward kissed the top of Chloe's head again. He was inhaling the scent of the strawberry shampoo that the woman was using. "Then, I'll finish this game first. After that, we'll go to Mama's house." Chloe didn't answer. Just let Edward go. Back to join his friends who are still engrossed in playing in the shooting arena. "If it hurts, we should just go home," Edward asked as soon as he and Chloe had entered the car. Prepare to go to Alexander's house. "Shhh..." Chloe hissed. He turned and looked back at Edward. "No need to be so small. Why didn't you just let me sleep in the first place, huh? Why are you only realizing now that I'm not okay." Instead of feeling guilty, Edward laughed. "Gosh... you really are really grumpy. Ah... vengeful, I guess." Chloe narrowed her eyes even more. "You yourself, too pushy!"
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