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Chapter 90 Edwardchloe - Don't Mess With Me

  • Edward walked unsteadily and slightly limp. He had just arrived home and was about to enter the bedroom. Glancing at the clock on his wrist, it was already seven in the evening. So much work today drained his energy and brain that he had to come home late. Entering the room, Edward did not find Chloe's figure. However, the man's sense of hearing caught the sound of splashing water, which meant that his wife was currently busy in the bathroom. Bringing himself to a chair at the dressing table, Edward began to remove his coat and tie wrapped around his neck. Just as he was about to stand up, his net accidentally caught an image that stole much attention. He saw clearly on Chloe's cellphone screen that there was someone who had just sent a short message. And the problem was, there was Roland Dimitri's name printed on it. What do you want that damn man to send his wife a short message. What's the matter with the two of them behind it? Edward slowly approached. He moved his face forward while squinting one eye. Trying to read the contents of the message listed on the cellphone screen without touching it, let alone open it. Roland : [Meet me tonight at 9 o'clock at the Flight Bar and Club. We have something to discuss yesterday's plans. You know, we have to act fast while we have the chance] Edward immediately snorted. A moment later, the man chose to go to the walk-in closet. Reaching for a change of clothes to prepare to clean up, it was time for Chloe to finish her bathing ritual. Instead of going to dinner, Edward headed straight for bed when he finished. Laying his body there, he pulled the blanket, ready to sleep even though it was only eight o'clock at night. He was really tired this time. He did not greet his wife, as usual, this evening either. Meanwhile, Chloe, busy in front of the dressing table, looked surprised. Confused by herself with her husband's silent attitude, he just walked away even as if he didn't exist. Usually, the man was constantly reprimanded. Even landed a peck on the forehead or cheek even though Chloe didn't like it. But Edward didn't care. Out of curiosity, she finished applying to make-up her face. Chloe approached. Intend to say goodbye to go out of the house. Don't forget, and he also has to think of a good reason so that Edward doesn't ask too many questions about where he is going tonight. The man should not have the slightest suspicion of what he wanted to do. It could ruin all the plans later. "Aren't you going to have dinner first?" Chloe asked pleasantly. He must continue to be kind so as not to be suspected. Edward shook his head slowly. From under the blanket, he peeked and answered. "No. I'm really tired and want to get some rest right away. I'm also very sleepy right now." Chloe just nodded. Too lazy to ask too many questions. Afraid to even be a long business. Therefore, he prefers to ask permission to leave immediately. "I want to go out for a while. Some of my friends are taking dinner and meeting at a cafe." Edward stared expressionlessly. He realized that his wife was lying to him. But this time, he chose to remain silent. We'll see how you play, honey. You think I'm stupid to be fooled like that. While tightening the blanket, the man said softly. "Yes, please go. Just enjoy your show. Don't come home too late." Chloe smiled in relief. He thought the man would ask a lot of questions as usual. Luckily this evening, Edward was more friendly. Fearing that her husband would change his mind, Chloe hurried to get ready. Before actually leaving, the woman did not forget to kiss Edward on both cheeks. He even found one other fact that was even a little surprising. "Are you sick?" surprisingly full of questions. "Why is your body so hot?" A hint of worry slipped from the words that escaped Chloe's lips. He could feel how Edward's body temperature was not like ordinary people's. "I'm fine. Maybe because I'm tired." Chloe, who had been standing, chose to sit on the edge of the bed. His right hand reached out again to touch Edward's forehead to confirm the man's body temperature again. "But you sure are hot." Edward brushed Chloe's wrist that was on her forehead. "I told you, I'm fine." Chloe shook her head. "No ... no ... you need to take some febrifuge. I'm sure your temperature must be high." The woman then reached for the thermometer that was provided on the nightstand. Use it to check the husband's body temperature. "39.5 degrees. You do have a fever, Ed," Chloe scolded.
  • The woman then got up. She was stepping up to the dressing table. I opened the drawer and took out a piece of medicine to give to Edward. "Now, you get up first and take this medicine." Sighing lazily, Edward straightened up. He was reaching for a glass filled with drinking water, complete with a piece of medicine that Chloe had deliberately brought for him. "I've been drinking," he reported. The next second, the man lay back down. He was pulling the blankets ready for bed. "Now please go. I also want to rest." Chloe didn't move right away. Letting Edward close his eyes first, he got up and walked out of the room. While Edward, after hearing the bedroom door closed, opened his eyes again. The man slowly tried to get up, then walked towards the walk-in closet. He thought he should change into thinner clothes than what he was wearing now. Stepping slowly, suddenly, the balance of the man's body was disturbed. He would have almost fallen to the ground if Chloe hadn't caught him fast enough. Then the woman carefully led her husband to walk back to the bed. "Why come back?" Edward's voice was a whisper, barely audible. "Did you miss anything or ---" "Stop it. Don't talk too much." cut Chloe quickly. Too lazy to hear Edward, who even chattered. Whether sick or healthy, why is the man so fussy? "I thought, it seems impossible to leave you in this state." Edward grimaced. He also couldn't understand why he suddenly had a fever like this. However, this afternoon it was fine. "Don't overdo it. If you want to go, go ahead. There's no need to worry about me." "Tsk..." Chloe chuckled. "If it's all right, there's no way you'd lose your balance like that. It's a good thing I'm back. Otherwise? Maybe you'll fall and just lie on the floor. Besides, what do you want to do? Weren't you already asleep? " he asked, full of questions. Very excited to face Edward's behaviour. "It was just a coincidence." The man was still arguing. Happy to provoke the wife's emotions. "I just wanted to change into something lighter so I could absorb the sweat. I'm feeling hot right now." Chloe took a deep breath. "Let me get it." The woman went to the walk-in closet, getting a change of clothes for Edward to wear. The next second he helped put it on while grumbling. "Perhaps it was a coincidence that you lost your balance. But that coincidence was quite fatal. I'm sure all of this could have happened because you were so overworked that you were exhausted!" Chloe sneered. Recently he admitted that Edward was too busy with his work. "You were born rich, Mr. Martin. So you shouldn't be working so hard on yourself now." This time Edward couldn't help but laugh. It's funny to see Chloe's angry face. "Very well, Old Madam. I apologize for worrying you," he said softly as he flashed a faint smile. "Then what should I do now?" Chloe rose from her seat, speechless. "Now you stay here. Don't go anywhere. Let me make warm soup so that your body condition can be better than before." Edward nodded slowly. "Don't worry. I'll obey." Chloe put her bag back on the nightstand. Before leaving, the woman changed clothes first. Then he walked out into the kitchen. Quickly, he cooked and prepared his chicken soup to give to Edward.
  • Meanwhile, Edward could hear how Chloe's cellphone kept vibrating in the room. Maybe someone was calling her. Overwhelmed by curiosity, Edward directed his hand to unzip Chloe's bag right next to her bed. I slowly took the intelligent thing out of there and peeked at who had been calling. "Bastard Roland!" Edward cursed softly. He was a little emotional when he saw his cousin's name printed on his wife's cellphone screen. "I'm so curious, what exactly are they planning behind my back," he muttered. Then return Chloe's cellphone to its place. Luckily Edward moved quickly. Because a few minutes later, Chloe entered the room. Just a little late, maybe the woman could catch him checking his bag and cellphone, lying around. "Wake up!" the woman ordered.
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