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Chapter 101 Edwardchloe - Meet You Again

  • The white family room this afternoon was transformed into so beautiful it was even full of flowers. Various kinds of cakes and heavy food, to a variety of drinks that are neatly served fill every corner of the table. Everyone today seemed to enjoy the celebration party deliberately made by the only child of the Martin family. The hustle and bustle, laughter, and even the strains of classical music blend to add an intimate impression to everyone there. However, amid the crowd that was created, the focus of everyone present was slightly diverted. Also, when Edward deliberately asked Sicily, the housekeeper brought someone along to join him. Chloe and Dylan together both couldn't hide the look of surprise on their faces. The presence of a middle-aged woman Edward deliberately attended in the middle of the party managed to steal the attention of both of them. Especially Dylan Arley. Convinced by what he saw, the middle-aged man walked over to him. The man threw a hug to the woman Edward had just called without permission. "Patricia ..." he muttered confidently. It was as if he knew the figure of a woman standing still in his arms. "By God, I'm sure you are the Patricia I've been looking for." Dylan tightened his grip. "Yeah, we haven't seen each other in a long time." Patricia's voice quivered in response to Dylan's question. Edward, who from a distance noticed that his wife was just frozen in position, also approached. Gently patted the woman's shoulder as she spoke. "You don't want to go to him?" Chloe immediately turned around. The look in his eyes suggested he needed more explanation. "Ed..." he squeaked. "What you're thinking right now is true." As if he understood what his wife meant, the man immediately nodded. "She is your biological mother you've been looking for all this time." Chloe was taken aback. The next second, the woman turned around. He walked quickly over to Dylan, and the woman he was expecting was his mother. "Mom..." she whispered sadly. "Ma... you remember me, right?" Dylan opened his arms. He was allowing Patricia to walk over to the child. Then threw a hug to the 30-year-old woman. "Chloe Hazel ... I miss you," said Patricia sadly. In Patricia's arms, Chloe sobbed. As time went on, he tightened his grip even more. Act like someone afraid to be separated. "Please, don't go again, Mom," he begged. Patricia untied her arms. "I'm sorry Mama hasn't been by your side this time. This time Mama promises not to leave your side again. Edward has promised to protect us all." Chloe reflexively brought her gaze to her husband, standing not far from her. "So you've been looking for my Mama all this time?" Edward nodded. "Hans and Aunt Sicily helped put me in touch with Mrs. Patricia." Chloe gave a faint smile. He reached out his right hand, asking Edward to come closer. "Thank you. I owe you a lot." Edward just nodded. Then give Chloe and Dylan a chance to miss Patricia. **** "So all this time, Mama's men are still watching you?" Dylan and Chloe had a serious conversation with Patricia on the terrace not far from the pool. "Yes…" The middle-aged woman nodded. "Even though she's gone, Mrs. Victoria Arley doesn't want us to be reunited. That's why I didn't dare to seek you out openly. On the other hand, I miss you and our children so much." Dylan grabbed Patricia's wrist. I kissed him repeatedly and then spoke softly. "I'm sorry for not being able to fight for you all this time. I ---" "Never mind…." Patricia cut in. "Everything has happened. Maybe this is destiny that I have to go through in this world. It's okay ... we can finally meet again." "Ma..." Chloe, who had been listening quietly for a while, finally spoke. The woman also grabbed Patricia's other wrist and squeezed it gently. "I miss you." Patricia gave a smile. I am very happy today because I can meet the child and the man she loves so much. "Mama even prays every night so that I can meet you. After more than 20 years of waiting, God finally answered Mama's prayer through her husband.
  • How lucky you are to be his wife, son." Chloe nodded. Felt ashamed because she had accused Edward of nothing. Even though he was so sincere in love and even tried to always give her the best. "I am indeed lucky to be his wife. Ma," Chloe said. Then the woman was silent for a moment before finally speaking again. "If Nathalie were still around, she would be very happy to see us all together." Patricia was stunned. Her mind wandered for a moment before finally taking a deep breath and then replied, "What happened to Nathalie? Edward said that your sister was dead." It was Chloe's turn to take a deep breath. She couldn't hide the look of anxiety from her parents. "Nathalie had an accident some time ago, so her life was not saved at that time. I even---" "Pa..." Chloe interrupted. "I have something important to tell you both about the cause of Nathalie's death," the woman said in one breath. Dylan's face, which had been calm, suddenly tensed up. Her jaws were clenched tightly together with a probing look on her face. Patricia also showed the same thing. They were both waiting for what explanation Chloe would give. "Nathalie didn't die in an accident. He died because he was previously abused by a man who was his lover," Chloe explained nervously. "What did you say?" Dylan acted as if he couldn't believe what he just heard. "I'm sorry, Pa." Chloe was annoyed. "Sorry for hiding all this from Papa." "So… The wounds all over his body were due to violence? Wasn't it the result of a heavy impact during an accident?" Chloe took another deep breath before finally nodding. "Nathalie even had to lose her baby-to-be." "Oh my..." Patricia and Dylan exclaimed in unison. They really couldn't hide their shock. "Then who did all this? Do you know who is the man who dared to make Nathalie suffer?" Dylan's tone rose slightly. Of course he was emotional. After living a quiet life for a long time, he suddenly found out that his eldest son had died due to unnatural causes. "Dylan…" Patricia rebuked the man. "Calm down. Let Chloe explain everything to us." "So..." Chloe started to talk. "Nathalie used to be close to a guy." The woman then brought her eyes to Dylan. "Dad, remember when Nathali asked permission to live separately with us. with the excuse of wanting to learn to live independently?" Dylan nodded. "Papa remembers that. Even Papa bought him an apartment right away so he wouldn't have to bother looking for a place to live anymore." Chloe sighed again and again. "Turns out he lied to us. Pa. Nathalie, at that time, was close to someone named Nicholas Dio Morales. They love each other. And he asked her to live with him." "So that man was why Nathalie chose to live apart from us? Because you want to be free to live with your lover?" It was Chloe's turn to nod. "After living together, they act like husband and wife. Having sex that wasn't meant to be until Nathalie got pregnant." Chloe paused for a moment. She took a deep breath, then spoke again. "With the news of this pregnancy, their lives should be getting better. No, Nicholas always avoided it for various reasons. Frequent acts of violence until Nathalie finally decided to separate. But, honey, on the day before her death, Nathalie and Nicholas got into an argument. Somehow the initial chronology, the man pushed Nathalie down the stairs. A few minutes after arriving at the hospital, as Papa saw for himself, his life couldn't be helped." Dylan's face was red. The old man tried his best to contain his emotions. "Tell me, how did you know this story? And again, do you know where the man is now?" Chloe nodded again. "I know all of this from Nathalie's story in her diary. Edward's men found the book in Nathalie's apartment some time ago. Meanwhile, the man responsible for his death has been arrested and sent to prison.
  • Edward investigated all these cases without my knowledge. Even looking for Mama's whereabouts, he didn't tell me anything." "Oh my God…" Again Patricia muttered under her breath. "We owe Edward a lot. He's such a good man, son." Chloe sighed softly. The guilt still hadn't completely left her. "So that you know, I used even to think that Edward was the man who caused Nathalie to lose her life. I sinned against my husband. To this day, I'm even ashamed of him." Dylan frowned in surprise. "You mean? How did you think it was Edward?" "It's a long story, Pa. I've made many mistakes so far. Luckily Edward forgave and still accepts me as his wife." "The important thing is that we're back together now. Papa won't let us be apart again." Dylan turned to Patricia. "And you don't have to worry about the people watching over you. I will work with Edward to catch them all. No one can separate us." Patria threw a hug to Dylan. Chloe followed after. While Edward, from behind the balcony window was watching. He flashed a happy smile because he managed to unite the family who had been separated for a long time. I say, I will make you happy." **** "Don't leave me..." "Edward I beg you..." In the quiet of the night, while everyone was fast asleep, awake, Edward again heard Chloe delirious. Gathering all his consciousness, the man chose to straighten up. She brought his hand to caress gently and occasionally lightly pat his wife's cheek. "Dear ... wake up," he pleaded. "Edward ... please, don't leave me." Sweat was even pouring outflowing from his wife's forehead. Seeing this, Edward couldn't help but bring his hand to shake Chloe's body to wake her up. He kept calling her name while occasionally kissing her cheek and forehead. you. "Chloe, I'm here." The summoned finally opened his eyes. In the next second, he straightened himself up and wept profusely in Edward's arms. "I dreamed you left me far away," she said as she sobbed. "I've even called you many times. But you still ignore me." Edward smiled. He grabbed Chloe's chin and gently stroked her cheeks one by one, wet with tears. "I'll just be here, honey. There's no way I could leave you. It was just a bad dream." Chloe shook her head repeatedly. "But it's like real. You really left me. It's not a bad feeling, is it?" This time Edward laughed. "Gosh, you're exaggerating. It's just a flower bed. Besides, where am I going? I told you I wouldn't leave you." "You promise?" Chloe stared intently at her husband's brown irises. "Of course. It's a loss if I have to leave a beautiful woman like you. Just getting to you has to be hard." Chloe smiled. The anxiety and sadness that had previously hit gradually disappeared. Replaced by the warm feeling that Edward created. She felt grateful that God had brought her to the surface of the man who was now her husband. Struggling to refuse, being so arrogant, but it's too bad in the end. Even now afraid of separation. Chloe's old eyes stared intently at her husband's face. A moment later, without hesitation, he made a face. He kissed Edward's lips and then planted a kiss there. "I know you're going to make fun of me, but really, I really love you and am afraid to be separated from you," Chloe whispered after breaking the kiss. "Why mock you? I'm even flattered that a stubborn woman like you finally accepted my love. You have no idea how frustrated I was trying to convince you of my sincerity all this time." Chloe smiled. "But now I'm all yours." Seconds later, Edward led Chloe to lie back down. Not to sleep but to return the previous kiss. Laying wet kisses on the cheeks to the nape of his wife's neck alternately. Without asking for approval began to strip the woman's clothes one by one. While Chloe just closed her eyes while enjoying how Edward adored every inch of her body. He was playing in all the sensitive areas of the woman. Even as their bodies fused, there was nothing Chloe could do but sigh softly. The hug tightened more and more until the man's body collapsed helplessly on top of him.
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