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Chapter 102 Edwardchloe - Love You

  • "I love you..." "Want you with all my heart. Even when God plans to separate us, I will go to great lengths to persuade him not to." Hugging Chloe's body, Edward chuckled. When she woke up from sleep this morning, the woman did not stop hugging and even kissing. Be spoiled like a woman who wants to be loved. He has made countless intimate appeals. This wasn't the usual Chloe. "How many more times do you want to say that sentence? No need to repeat it, honey. I know now that you love me so much," the man replied, kissing his wife lightly on the forehead. Excited to face Chloe's behavior this morning. "You know what, Ed?" The woman looked up and then asked. "I feel so stupid why I used to ignore you even too bluntly in rejecting you." Edward laughed again. "Apparently you're really in love with me now?" Fully sure, Noami nodded. The long-haired woman was no longer ashamed to admit that she was now really infatuated with him. "Maybe it's more than falling in love," he admits. "Or maybe I'm just so crazy about you. Ah ... no ... no." The woman corrected her words. "Looks like I got hit by karma." Laughter escaped Edward's lips again. "I love you too and our future child," he replied. "I'll do anything to make you both happy." Chloe smiled widely. "I believe all your promises, Ed." The next thing the woman did was an embrace Edward. He leaned closer and whispered in the man's ear seductively. "It seems fine if we have a morning sex before deciding to take a shower." Laughter escaped Edward's lips. If his wife wants them to repeat the hot activities like last night, why not? Edward eagerly gave Chloe what she asked for. When everything has been fulfilled, the rest of the fatigue is approaching. Still, in the same innocent state, the man suddenly remembered something. "Oh yes." Edward spoke. "Today we both have to go to court. Chloe looked up. Her eyebrows knit together. "Why to go to court?" she asked curiously. Edward had told her earlier that she didn't come to work on purpose because she wanted to finish other matters. wanted to go to court, Chloe even found out now. "There is a hearing to read the judge's sentencing decision to give to Roland." Hearing her husband's answer, Chloe's face immediately darkened. The memory of all the indecent treatment that Roland had done to her arrived. suddenly rose to the surface. Causing a deep sense of fear. "Hey ... don't be afraid," Edward said when he realized his wife was starting to get scared. "You'll be fine. There is me who will always protect you. After all, Roland had already been captured. I'll make sure the man rots in jail for a long time." Chloe didn't answer. Preferring to bury her head in Edward's chest. Her body still trembled when she recalled what happened a while ago. "Honey..." the man called out. once again. "Nothing will happen to you. So you don't have to worry or be afraid." "But I can't bear to see that man," Chloe said quietly. "Just remembering it makes me feel disgusted with my own body." Edward sighed softly. deep. Anyone would feel sad when he realized he was being harassed by another man right in front of his own husband. "Well, then you don't have to come. Let me go alone with Hans. While I'm in court, do you want to be taken to Papa's house?" Chloe looked up again and nodded. "I'd better come with Mama and Papa to visit Nathalie's grave. They did plan to go there. Besides, I want to miss being with Mama." "Okay," Edward said. "Then we'll get ready now. After breakfast, I'll take you straight to Papa's." Before actually shuffling down, Chloe whispered again. "Ed .. thanks for all the surprises you gave me. I owe you so much." "Why do you owe it?" Edward cupped Chloe's face with both hands. "I must do all of this.
  • You don't have to worry about what to reply to. Just keep me company until I'm old." Chloe nodded in understanding. That meant she had nothing to worry about now. **** Edward parked the vehicle he was driving in the Arley family's big house courtyard. There were still 30 minutes before going to court. He followed Hans, who got there first. Getting out of the car, the white man swiftly escorted his wife to the house's front door. There, Dylan was already waiting. Smiling and even giving both of them a warm hug in turn. "Papa didn't think you guys would stop by this morning," the man muttered. "Of course, I won't forget, Pa," Chloe replied. The woman turned around and landed a tight hug before her husband walked away from her. "Be careful on the road. . When everything is done, don't forget to contact me immediately. As long as I'm pregnant, I can't stay away from you for long." Edward nodded. He kissed the woman's forehead for a long time and then replied. "Don't worry. After everything is done, I will immediately pick you up to go home," the man promised. "You also have to be careful. And remember, don't get tired." Edward's gaze shifted to Dylan, standing faithfully next to his wife. "I'll leave Chloe, Pa. If there's anything, just call me immediately." Dylan flashed a friendly smile. He was not wrong in choosing a husband for his only child. It was very clear that Edward was a very responsible person and even loved Chloe with all his heart. "Don't worry. . Your wife will be safe with Papa. You don't have to worry about it." Edward then left. While Chloe immediately got ready to go with Dylan and Patricia. Today, they had planned to visit Nathalie's grave and then spend time together for lunch. "Sis, this time I came with Papa and Mama." Chloe placed the white rose that she had specially brought to put on her sister's grave. Nathalie was a typical woman who loved all kinds of flowers all her life. Even their yard was full of her. It is awake and neatly cared for until this second. "This time, I brought you the roses you planted not far from the swimming pool. I'm sure you'll like it." Patricia couldn't hold back her tears anymore. It's so sad after being apart for so long, when the opportunity to be together, she had to accept that her eldest child was dead. "Mama misses you, son." Patricia cried. It's sad to think of her not being able to be by her child's side when they might need her. "I'm sorry Mama couldn't be with you. Listening to your complaints." Chloe immediately grabbed her mother's body and hugged her tightly. "Nathalie has calmed down there, Ma. I'm sure he's watching us from God's heaven right now." Patricia immediately turned to Chloe. "Mama feels guilty. If only Mama were always by your side, maybe this wouldn't have happened." Dylan brought his right hand to caress Patricia's shoulder gently. "Never mind... Our child must be happy in heaven." His chest tightened when he saw Patricia, who was now sobbing. -sobbing at the grave of their eldest child. "It's God's destiny like this. For that, we must sincerely accept all the terms." Chloe nodded in agreement. "Besides, the man who caused Nathalie to suffer has been well-deserved. Now, let's focus on praying for Nathalie to be at peace by God's side." Patricia wiped her tears. "I hope that after this, we all won't be separated like we used to be. Hopefully, in the future, only happiness will accompany our family." **** It was already two o'clock in the afternoon. At this time, Chloe and her parents were at one of their regular restaurants. While tasting the food, they exchanged stories again. The three of them discussed past moments. Reminiscing about beautiful memories when they were still living together. "So, actually, before Papa set you up, did you already know Edward?" Dylan confirmed his son's story again. "Yeah, we've met a few times. . Even I purposely set her up to sleep with me." "Oh my God..." Dylan exclaimed. "Why did you have to do that, kid?" Chloe took a deep breath. She was determined to tell everything without hiding anything. Again to Dylan and Patricia.
  • "I'm sorry, Pa. As I said before. I misunderstood Edward as the man who caused Nathalie to lose her life. That's why, I'm determined to get my revenge by making him crazy about me." "And now? In fact you're crazy about him?" Dylan said. Chloe looked down in shame. What his father said was true. "Not only infatuation. Now, I'm also afraid of having to separate from him." Dylan and Patricia laughed together. "Maybe it's a reward from God because you've accused Edward of nothing." This time Chloe nodded. "Fortunately, Edward's feelings for me from the past haven't changed one bit, Pa. I'm grateful that Papa forced me to marry him." Again, the three laughed at the same time. Laughing at God's unique way of uniting his people. "Pa, if I'm not mistaken, Mama and Papa never got divorced, right?" Chloe asked suddenly. Taking a sip of the green tea in his hand, Dylan nodded. "No, honey. Your grandmother used to force us to get a divorce. But Papa threatened not to marry Aunt Caroline if she kept pushing her will. This made your Grandma angry and forced your Mama away from us." "That means Papa doesn't have to marry Mama anymore now." Dylan nodded. "Of course not." The man then turned to Patricia. He took her hand and kissed it for a long time. "Our status is still legal as husband and wife before God and the law of the land." Chloe was also happy. He still doesn't think that his once divided family is now back together, united. Even though Nathalie is gone, his parents can return together to knit hope for the rest of their lives. "I hope nothing else can keep us apart." The smile didn't leave Chloe's lips. "All the problems that occur in the future we will go through together." Dylan nodded in agreement. "Papa will wholeheartedly even do his best to take care of your Mama. Nothing will ever separate our family like before," emphasized the man. "In fact our happiness will be even more complete because soon Edward and Chloe Juniorr will be present." "Dad's like Edward," he said. "That man was so impatient waiting for the birth of his child. Even though I was still very young." Patricia, this time took over the conversation. "All parents must be very enthusiastic about waiting for the arrival of their baby. Especially this is your first child. It's natural that Edward is so impatient. That's why you have to be smart about taking care of yourself. Don't be too tired or too stressed." While continuing to nod, Noami smiled. Before responding to her mother's words, the woman's focus shifted.
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