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Chapter 85 Edwardchloe -Soulmate

  • "Instead of eliminating people, I just can't bear to hurt women. You don't have to go far, if I'm an asshole, why should I bother looking for you, even though we both know that you yourself gave up your virginity to me." "I could have taken advantage of the situation last night by fucking you who was unconscious. But again I stress, I'm not the bad guy you think." The sentence kept replaying like a broken record in Chloe's brain. What Edward had said last night managed to boggle his mind. Chloe was undecided. On the one hand, she felt that Edward was telling the truth last night, but on the other hand, all the evidence she had from Nathalie in the past was pointing at her husband. So, what should he do now? Continue to carry out all the plans that have been drawn up, or stop and learn to make peace with the feelings of hatred that have been ingrained so far. Chloe aspires to live everyday life like an ordinary human. However, when he remembered Nathalie, an aura of pain and resentment instantly enveloped his heart. Before his brother's problems were exposed, it was somewhat challenging to live in peace.
  • "Honey, are you daydreaming?" Realizing that Chloe had been silent throughout the trip, Edward immediately rebuked her. They are currently on their way from Erkilet International Airport after leaving Istanbul early in the morning for Cappadocia by air. Edward argued it'd not be called Turkey if you don't visit Cappadocia to enjoy hot air balloons. At first, Chloe refused, but after being persuaded several times, the woman finally agreed to come along. "No..." said the woman. "I'm just enjoying the view along the way we're walking." Edward embraced Chloe's body. He brings the woman to lean on his chest. "Have you ever been to Turkey before?" Chloe shook her head. "Actually this is my first experience setting foot in Turkey." "And it's a shame I can't keep you here for long," Edward said ruefully. "But I promise, once the project with Emaar Properties is over, I'll take you anywhere you want to go." Chloe smiled faintly at Edward's regret. After all, whether the trip was long or short this time, it didn't matter to him either. "So we're going back to London today, too?" he asked for sure. Though nothing more than mere trite. Still in a hug, Edward responded. "I should have taken you to Dubai. But since the business meeting has been postponed until next week, we'd better head back to London tonight." This time Chloe nodded. "No problem. After all, we still have plenty of time, right?" "Of course. Especially if you want to stay forever as my wife. I assure you that in our marriage there will only be happiness." Chloe immediately cleared her throat to shake off the awkwardness between them. "No need to overdo it. Just prove everything you said the other day, whether within three months I will feel at home being your wife or maybe even the opposite." Edward immediately laughed in response. "To be honest, I don't want this marriage to stop halfway." Edward's face suddenly turned serious. "Even though I like to change partners, really, for domestic matters, of course I only want it once in my life. Besides, I still believe that in the end you will really fall in love with me. Which if we are far apart, you feel tortured therefore." They then fell back into silence. I didn't say a word until we finally arrived at the hot air balloon tourist area. Giant hot air balloon tour that is the prima donna when visiting Cappadocia. "What do you think?" Edward asked as he and Chloe were in the hot air balloon. The man had deliberately rented a special balloon for him and Chloe to ride together. "I never thought the scenery would turn out this good." Chloe stared in awe at the massive row of rocks that stretched out in front of her. "This time, it looks like I was lucky to go with you where you took me." Edward smiled meaningfully.
  • Without permission, the man hugged Chloe's body from behind. They both enjoyed the view of Cappadocia from the top of the hot air balloon. "This is only a small part of the abundance of luck being my wife. Maybe between the two of us, you really think this marriage is just a game," Edward joked casually. "What you need to know, I have never played or joked in a relationship, with anyone. Especially in a marriage." Chloe gasped again with a series of Edward's words that were so striking. I want to believe, but why does his heart keep rebelling? "I also want to make sure that all the prejudices you have directed at me are not true. I'm not as bad as you think," Edward continued earnestly. The man spoke as if he could read what Chloe had been accusing him of. Chloe herself chose to stretch Edward's arms. I deliberately turned around to see the man's face as he spoke. "Okay, I will try to believe that you are not a playboy like most of the people I have met before. And from this moment on, I will try to accept all good deeds from you without being followed by bad prejudice." Then without hesitation, Chloe pressed her body back together. Bravely grabbed Edward's nape. Landed a deep kiss on the man's lips. I don't know if he meant what he said or if this was all part of his working plan. **** "What are you doing?" Edward asked in between what his wife was doing in the kitchen. "Preparing breakfast for you," Chloe replied without turning her head. He is so busy with what he is doing right now. After returning from Istanbul, Edward and Chloe went back to their usual routine. Both busy themselves with their respective jobs. The excellent news, Chloe's attitude is now starting to warm up. No longer curt. Even though they often protest. This morning, for example, before leaving for work, they spent breakfast together. Chloe even deliberately prepared breakfast for her husband to eat. "Actually I don't know what your taste is. But I hope you like what I cooked this morning." Edward smiled as he accepted the plate of carbonara pasta that Chloe handed him. "I'm not the type to fussy eaters. What the maids provide, I'll definitely spend." Chloe, who had just sat down, glanced and then responded. "Oh, right? Because most men are really fussy when it comes to eating. I've met several guests at my hotel who incidentally are men, who like to complain to the hotel chef when they are given an inappropriate dish." While taking a bite of his food, Edward sighed softly. "I told you, don't compare me to the average man," said the man. "I'm rare. Call me limited edition. If you don't believe me, just ask Leta. So far, she's always been there for me." Unconsciously laughter spilt from Chloe's beautiful lips. "Yes ... yes ... no need to repeat it. I have memorized your sentence." They both went back to eating breakfast. After everything was done, Edward immediately brought Chloe to take him to work. He was determined to do whatever it took to melt her heart to his knees. "This afternoon, I'll pick you up. So, if I haven't arrived yet, don't go anywhere," said the man while helping Chloe open the seatbelt attached to the woman's body. "Don't worry, for the next three months, I will be an obedient wife," the woman whispered. "Don't want to give me a farewell kiss?" he asked before letting Chloe go. Edward cracked a grin. There was a mischievous look in the man's eyes. It's obvious the seductive aura is full of temptation there. "What a man!" Chloe said in an annoyed tone. But the next second, the woman confidently put her hands on Edward's nape. He landed a brief kiss on the man's lips while whispering. "You have to pray a lot for me to really fall in love with you." Edward's broad laugh led Chloe to leave the car. The man watched his wife until her shadow disappeared from view, then he went to the AlphaBeta building. Chloe herself, when she entered the hotel, was greeted by Samuel.
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