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Chapter 69 EdwardChloe - Will See

  • Chloe looked surprised when she came down the stairs. She found Edward's figure had visited her house early in the morning. The tall man seemed so relaxed, enjoying breakfast with his father. Chloe admits, the Scottish-blooded man looks so determined to melt his heart. Not to mention the full support of his father made Edward's position more and more the upper hand. However, despite everything Edward did to get his attention, Chloe insisted on being indifferent. He still tries to keep himself from falling into the arms of the man who is famous for being a playboy. "Good morning, dear." Dylan, who noticed Chloe's presence, immediately greeted him—waving, hinting for the beautiful woman to join in the breakfast ritual together. Even so, with Edward, the man gave a smile. Then returned to concentrate on eating the food that the maids had served on the table. "Morning, Papa." Chloe gave her father a short kiss on the cheek. She pulled a chair, sat himself down and ate breakfast, ignoring Edward's presence there. "How did you sleep tonight? Did you sleep well?" Spreading blueberry jam on the white bread on her plate, Chloe nodded. "Of course. I slept well last night." "Must be because you've had a good night with Edward before?" Dylan guessed confidently. Chloe grimaced. But the next second, he seemed to have a smile on his face. He looks like someone who is mocking. "Oh my gosh, Pa. I slept so well last night, nothing to do with Edward." Edward looked up. He smiled and grabbed the glass of drinking water in front of him. He took a sip in a relaxed manner before finally joining in on the conversation. "Maybe Chloe is embarrassed to admit it, Pa. It's okay. I like shy women." Dylan chuckled softly. Nodding in agreement with what Edward said. "Ah . . . You're right, Ed. Women are like that. They're still shy sometimes." Dylan then took a sip of the green tea in his left hand. When finished, the old man got up from his seat, then grabbed his briefcase, which he had deliberately placed not far from the dining table. "Papa left first. This morning we have an appointment with one of the notaries to take care of some licensing documents." Chloe frowned. "Just a moment, Papa." The woman immediately put down the knife and fork that she had previously held. "We go to the office together in the morning ---" "Dad is in a hurry, honey," Dylan interrupted quickly. "Besides, Edward picked you up this morning because he wanted to take you to work." Dylan's gaze then turned to Edward, who was still casually enjoying his breakfast. "Ed, leave Chloe. Make sure she gets to work on time." Edward looked up, then nodded. "Don't worry, Papa. I make sure Papa's beautiful child is safe and arrived on time." Then without another word, Dylan immediately walked away. Leaving Chloe and Edward, who was still faithfully sitting in their chairs. Eating in silence, neither Chloe nor Edward spoke. Each chose silence until they headed for the car. The man swiftly led him to the Hotel Le Meridien Piccadilly. "Don't be happy because you managed to take me to work this morning," Chloe said when Edward's car had stopped at the hotel's VIP parking lot. Edward turned. As usual, the man kept a smile on his face as he stared intently at the front of the beautiful woman next to him. "Why do you hate me so much? What have I done wrong all this time?" Chloe looked away. She chose to look straight ahead rather than look back at the man next to him. "Your fault is that you are too confident to approach me. I told you, you're not---" "Your type? I see?" cut off Edward. He wasn't the least bit offended by Chloe's words. She prefers to bring his eyes to observe how the woman looks, ready to get out of the car. "In that case, please tell me what Chloe Arley's ideal type of man is. Maybe after this, I can learn to get over myself." "No need," the woman continued. "We are like heaven and earth. We will not be compatible with each other." Taking a deep breath, Edward laughed. In his heart, he liked the persistence shown by Chloe. She was trying so hard to avoid him. "Oh, come on. You're jumping to conclusions too soon, honey.
  • Why not just try it first. I'm sure you'll fall in love with me." Chloe didn't answer. Feeling disgusted, she quickly removed the seatbelt that was wrapped around her body. Rushed out, leaving Edward who was still holding on with a smile on his lips. What a woman. We'll see. call my name Edward if you can't conquer your heart, Chloe Hazel Arley. **** Chloe threw her shopper bag in any direction when she just entered the CEO's room. Samuel, the assistant who was already in the room was surprised. Out of curiosity, the 35-year-old man ventured to ask, "What's going on, Miss? Is there a problem troubling your mind?" Chloe sat herself in the work chair. Leaning back while looking for a comfortable position. A moment later the woman gently massaged her forehead which suddenly throbbed in pain. "That man is getting closer to me more and more intensely! Not to mention Papa asked me to accept his proposal." Chloe couldn't hide her annoyance anymore. "You know, I'm sick of seeing his face every day." Samuel nodded in understanding. This turned out to be what made his boss look grumpy. Miss didn't accept the proposal?" "And marry that bastard?" Chloe turned and glared at him in disapproval. "Seriously. Don't be crazy, Sam." "Yes, I understand." Samuel nodded. The man got up from the sofa, pulled the chair in front of Chloe, and sat there. "But didn't Miss really want to approach and destroy her? Then why did Miss bother sleeping with him when the plans that had been made all this time, were left alone?" "I deliberately gave up my honor to ensnare Edward. Making the man feel guilty and then launching all the plans we have made. But that doesn't mean I have to marry her." Once again, Samuel nodded. "I know Miss wants revenge. But now that I think about it, if you want to destroy an Edward Martin to the core, why not just accept his proposal?" "You mean?" "Make him fall in love and then fall in love with you, Miss. Once he's down, do what you have to do." Chloe furrowed her brows. "Just so you know, Sam. Just now, when we don't have any relationship status yet, that guy is like the person who is so infatuated with me. So, why should I bother getting married and then becoming his wife?" Samuel sighed in frustration. It wasn't easy for Chloe to understand the meaning of the conversation they were discussing right now. "It could be that Edward is just curious but doesn't have love for you. "Samuel raised an eyebrow. He sat forward and whispered. "Just imagine if the man really fell in love. Surely whatever you say he will obey. And when you officially become Mrs. Martin, no one will suspect you when you launch an action. When all the plans are done, you can leave the man in ruins and dejection." "Jesus!" Chloe exclaimed. "You really are smart." The woman pulled the corners of her lips into a smile. Finally understood what her assistant meant. Samuel had a point. Maybe after becoming the wife of Edward, she could freely carry out all the plans she had well-laid out. "So what should I do now, Sam?" Chloe asked, asking for an opinion. She couldn't go wrong this time. "Start being nice. Don't be too obvious. Just slowly. To make it look natural." Chloe nodded in understanding. She was starting to think about what action she should take next. Meanwhile, Edward seemed to be in serious conversation with Alexander, his father, in a different place. They had been discussing work for a long time. After reaching an agreement, the middle-aged man turned to discuss the schedule for the appointment of a new CEO which was getting closer and closer. Considering that until this moment, Edward did not have a future wife yet, Alexander couldn't help but think fast. He didn't want his son's position to be replaced by someone else who might want another board of directors asked. "Ed, how's your future wife? Have you got it?" Edward put the pen in his hand. He lifted his face and shook his head weakly. "How can you find a future wife in the blink of an eye, Pa." His face turned frustrated. Finding a suitable partner according to the criteria in a short time is not an easy matter. Edward realized right about that. "Then just give up. And accept your fate for me to match." Edward knit his brows. "With who? What does Papa mean by Mr. Son? Dylan?" Alexander nodded. "If you like Dylan Arley's son, I'd be happy to propose to you." For a moment, Edward just smiled at his father's words.
  • That's the woman I've always wanted. Even if Papa set me up with him, why should I refuse? Of course, this makes it easier for me to get it. "Yes, I give up," said the man as he raised his hands. "I accept Papa's offer to set me up with Mr. Dylan's child. It seems that woman suits me." Alexander smiled widely. It was great to hear that Edward had agreed to her proposal. In addition, this relationship will undoubtedly benefit both parties when the two families work together in the future. "Okay, tonight Papa is going to see Dylan to talk about your engagement." Alexander rose from his seat. The middle-aged man prepared to leave the room. "Then I'll come with you. It would be better if the two of us came together to see Mr. Dylan," Edward offered as he helped open the door for Alexander. "Good idea, then pick up Papa tonight at seven." Edward nodded, hugged Alexander's body briefly and then let his father go. **** Dylan smiled meaningfully, seeing the maids so busy serving food on the table in his house. Of course, all this was done to welcome the arrival of Alexander and Edward, who were only a few moments away. This view did not escape from Chloe. As he stepped down from the second floor, his eyes caught the presence of his father, who was so busy watching the maids passing by in the dining room. "Are we having a guest?" Chloe asked when she was right beside her father. Dylan looked up and nodded. "Yes, Alexander will be visiting in a moment. You'd better get changed quickly and then dress up nicely." "Dress up?" Chloe repeated. He looked surprised. "Why do I have to dress up, Pa?" "To welcome an important guest, of course. Alexander will be coming with Edward tonight. We will discuss your proposal and marriage." Chloe made a gasp. "Jesus! Papa really wants to set me up with Edward? A man I just met?" "But I know Alexander very well, my dear. They are from noble families and big businessmen. It's an honor to be part of their family." Chloe took a deep breath. He knows for sure that his father now really hopes that he will marry the man who has been chosen for him. "Did Papa really expect me to marry the Martin family?" Dylan smiled. He stepped forward and grabbed his youngest son's wrists. "Dad really hopes you agree to this plan. But, if you don't agree, Papa will think of a way to refuse the Martin family's request without offending them." This time Chloe took a deep breath. He didn't answer his father's words but preferred to leave. Hurrying to change paLucan and then come back down and then welcome the arrival of guests who turned out to have arrived at their residence. "Welcome Alex, I'm glad you'd stop by my house." Dylan invited Alexander and Edward to enter. He asked the two guests to sit down and relax in the family room a moment later. "I am very happy to be allowed to stop by your house," said Alexander. The man's gaze then turned to the woman sitting right next to Dylan. "How are you, Chloe? I hope you and your father are in good health." Chloe flashed a smile then nodded politely. "Thanks, God. I'm very well, Mister. I have the same hopes for you." Chloe hated this kind of small talk. He must continue to be polite and keep a smile out of respect for the guests in front of him.
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