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Chapter 103 Edwardchloe - Praise The Lord

  • After going through the many stages of trial for the case that Roland and Nicholas have done, today is the schedule for reading the verdict by the Judge. As victims, Edward and Chloe were asked to be present to listen. However, Edward chose to come alone this morning due to Chloe's predicament. Hans was already on standby when he arrived at the court, waiting for him outside the room. Edward was asked to come in immediately when everyone was assembled and ready to start the trial. "I hope today's verdict is as expected, Hans." Hans, who had just taken a seat, immediately nodded. "I guarantee Roland will spend quite a long time in prison. That man is under multiple layers of charges for the crimes he has committed." Edward pulled the corners of his lips into a smile. It was not wrong if he appointed Hans to process the case that was happening to him. "I can't even wait to see how Roland's expression will be when he hears the judge's verdict in a moment." After a few minutes of waiting, the trial finally started. Nicholas was the first to get his turn to hear the Judge's verdict. The man was charged with violent acts that caused the loss of a person's life and was also found guilty of acting as an executor who sabotaged important data at the AlexisBeta company. "With this, the Panel of Judges has sentenced Nicholas Dio Morales to 10 years in prison with 15 years probation for all the crimes he has committed." The hammer is knocked. Signs the decision is final. All Nicholas had been doing was surrender. However, before he was brought back to the detention house, the blue-eyed man had asked the officers who escorted him for permission to approach Edward. "I'm sorry Mister." The man muttered with a downcast face. "I will be responsible for all the actions that I have done so far. I hope you will forgive me." In his seat, Edward crossed his arms. He was reviewing a faint smile while speaking. "I have forgiven you, Nic. But even so, the legal process must continue. Hopefully after this, you can become a better person." Nicholas looked up and nodded. "Thank you very much, Mister. Also convey my regards and apologies to the Arley family. I am truly sorry for everything I did in the past." It was Edward's turn to nod. "Definitely. I will pass on your apologies to my wife's family." Because the time was up, the officers immediately took Nicholas out of the courtroom without giving a code and bringing the man to enter a special car for prisoners prepared immediately. Now, it was Roland Dimitri's turn to hear the verdict. With both hands in handcuffs, the man, Edward's cousin, was led to sit on the defendant's chair immediately. "After conducting an investigation and several in-depth investigations, the panel of judges sentenced him to 20 years in prison for all the crimes that Roland Dimitri had committed." Edward smiled with satisfaction. At least his cousin could spend a long time in prison. There will be no more drama of power struggles after this. Even Roland's parents did not want to interfere with what had happened to their child. All this time, Roland was so obsessed with having AlphaBeta. He did everything he could to realize his ambition. "I just wish that bastard rotted forever. It's a waste of his life but of no use to the family at all!" Hans chuckled. "Gosh, Ed. You look so vengeful." Edward nodded. "Obviously. I can't forget what Roland did to Chloe. Just imagine, that man intentionally injected the aphrodisiac. Then afterwards he intended to fuck my wife in front of my own eyes. If killing isn't a sin, I'd better get rid of that human." Hans was understanding. Which husband is willing to let another man harass his wife. So, it was only natural that Edward would be as angry as he was now. "Twenty years is too long, Ed. Half of his life will be gone." Edward smiled sinisterly this time.
  • "Yeah, at least it's worth what he did. If he could, he'd be in jail for the rest of his life." After hearing the Judge's decision, Roland was given a quarterback by the officers to leave the courtroom immediately. Before actually leaving, the man had crossed paths with Edward. Smiling, he even said sarcastically. "Don't think by doing this to me you can be free out there." Edward smiled back. "What can you do?" The man leaned forward. He aligned the position where Roland was standing. "No matter how hard you try, AlphaBeta is destined for me. There is no place for a child born from a low caste like you." Edward's words were so striking managed to stir Roland's emotions. Unexpectedly, with his hands still in handcuffs, the well-built man was able to grab the gun belonging to the officer who was escorting him. Roland immediately pointed the gun's mouth at Edward with a quick but slightly limited movement. Without hesitation, he immediately pulled the trigger. He was throwing one shot right into the chest of the man who had been his rival. He thought at the time, whether Edward lived or died, he would remain in prison for such a long time. It made no difference if she harmed the man all at once. So, neither of them can occupy the position of CEO of AlphaBeta. The police officers who saw this incident immediately tried to snatch Roland's hands. The situation in the courtroom, which had been calm, suddenly turned tense. Roland even attempted to fire another shot at Hans. Luckily the action was thwarted by other armed officers. After being given the hot lead on his hands and feet, the man finally collapsed. While Edward, who was hit by a shot, immediately fell covered in blood. Hans, who was still loyal to the man, immediately shouted for help—trying as fast as possible to get his best friend to go to the nearest hospital. "You have to hold on. You can't go, Ed!" **** Chloe took a big step when she arrived at one of the famous hospitals in London. Entering the 10-story building, there was already Hans, who seemed to be waiting in the lobby with a very worried expression. This, of course, made Chloe even more worried and curious about what happened to her husband. "Hans..." Chloe called as she approached. Behind the woman were Dylan and Patricia, who also followed. "Chloe... Come with me." Hans immediately grabbed the woman's wrist. Together they walked down the hospital corridor until they came to a room on the second floor. "Hans, what exactly happened?" Chloe was impatient. The anxiety he felt was unstoppable. "Where's Edward?" Before Hans could answer, Lucas, Jacob and Nicholas came from behind. The three of them had previously been contacted to come to the hospital immediately. Especially the figure of Lucas. Edward needed her help right now. "Where's Edward?" he asked. "Finally you came too." Hans immediately responded. The next second, the man's eyes turned to Lucas. "The doctor is waiting for you inside, Kai. Edward does need a lot of blood for what happened to him." Lucas went straight to the nurse on duty, who happened to be out without saying much. The man tailed in for immediate action. "Hans!" Chloe shouted. "What's really going on? Where's my husband?" Hans took a deep breath. He was confused to explain how. He was only worried that the news he was about to convey could disturb Chloe's pregnant mind. She remembered well that Edward had previously told her that she was easily traumatized and sad. "Hans ... I beg you," repeated the woman. His face looked sad. I can't help but feel sorry for Hans. "During the trial earlier, Roland unexpectedly shot Edward in the chest." Chloe was taken aback. He shook his head repeatedly because he couldn't believe what he had just heard. "No kidding! This isn't funny, Hans." Hans took a deep breath, then answered again. "No, Chloe. I'm sorry but this isn't a joke," Hans insisted emphatically. "As a result of this incident, Edward had to lose a lot of blood. And coincidentally his blood type is quite rare." Chloe's face instantly brightened. The woman stood like a confused person. "Then how about it, Hans. Edward must survive. Please do something to my husband." Chloe turned hysterical. Patricia, standing by, immediately pulled the woman's body into her arms.
  • Trying to continue to calm his son's soul, who might be now being shaken by hearing the chronology of previous events. "Calm down, Chloe..." Jacob spoke softly. He was trying hard to calm down. "Edward and Lucas' blood types happen to be the same. My brother will donate his blood to help your husband. Now, let's just pray that everything goes well. Rest assured that your husband will get better soon." "Jacob's right." Nicholas joined in on the conversation. "Edward's had more accidents than this in the past. And the guy survived. So don't worry. Your husband will definitely get better soon." Chloe didn't answer. The woman was still drowning in tears. Meanwhile, Dylan took the initiative to report this incident to Edward's parents. It didn't take much time, and the noble family finally arrived at the hospital. Together they were all waiting to hear from the treating doctor. "Patience, honey," Patricia coaxed. He kept trying to calm his youngest daughter. "Nothing will happen to your husband. Let's just pray for the best. God will surely work a miracle." "For God's sake I can't bear to lose Edward, Ma." Chloe shook her head in her mother's arms. "Shhh…" Liliana, who was sitting next to Chloe, immediately hissed softly. Affectionately, the middle-aged woman tried to cheer up. "Edward is a strong boy. He'll be fine. I'm sure of that. Especially now that he has you and your future child." After more than 60 minutes of waiting in front of the operating room, the treating doctor finally came out. Alexander Edgar Martin, standing not far from the doorway, immediately approached. Anxiety was evident in him. "How is my son, Doc? Is there anything to worry about?" The doctor first lowered the mask that partially covered his face. "The team of surgeons has succeeded in removing the bullet projectile that was lodged in your child's chest. There was bleeding, but everything has been handled well. We should all be grateful that the bullet did not hit other vital organs." "Praise the Lord." Liliana and Patricia muttered in unison with relief. But not with Chloe. The woman still looked worried and even stood up and then came forward to the doctor, who was giving an explanation. "Then, is my husband awake now?" Chloe asked impatiently. The doctor shook his head. "Until now, your husband hasn't woken up yet. We'll just have to wait for the next one to three days. If Mr. Edward manages to get past his critical period, he will surely wake up as soon as possible." Chloe choked. His joints suddenly went limp. It meant that Edward's condition had not fully improved. The man still had to fight hard to survive, for God's sake. "Can I see it?" please, Chloe. The doctor nodded. "Of course you can. Please come in, but you don't have much time. Because after this the patient must be transferred to the intensive care unit." With the remnants of her sanity, Chloe tried to follow the doctor slowly. In the room, his eyes caught clearly how Edward was lying helplessly with his body still full of medical support equipment. It hurt so much, Chloe, to see the man lying there stiffly. "Ed..." Chloe ran away from the hug. Tears fell down his cheeks again. "Why is it like this? You have to endure. For me, for our child and all the people waiting for you out there," Chloe whispered as she kissed her husband's wrist. Even though he did not expect the two of them to have still time to make out this morning and show affection for each other. And now, the man was lying stiff on the bed. Waiting for good luck, who knows when to approach. "What do I have to do to wake you up?" In her sobs, Chloe continued to speak quietly. "Didn't you promise not to leave me? Please, wake up. I promise to always be by your side." Chloe's tears broke even more. Seeing this, the doctor immediately approached him. "You'd better calm yourself down, madam. Just wish your husband the best," she suggested. Chloe just nodded. The next second, the woman opted out because the nurses were getting ready to transfer Edward to a special treatment room.
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